Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1726

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1726 – The Bond Linda led the way while Peregrine trailed behind the trio, staring at Archie curiously.

This little thing can’t be more than five or six years old, but he’s already amazing. Sure enough, the apple never falls far from the tree!

While on their way to the warehouse, Archie asked glumly, “Aunt Madilyn, is my mommy very sick?”

At the sound of his voice, she stopped walking and lowered her gaze to glance at him, only to see him looking up at her with worry etched across his innocent, little face.

Patting his head, she sidestepped the question. “As long as you can help us, your mommy will be fine. There’s nothing to worry about.”

He did not say anything. I can tell from Aunt Madilyn’s expression that Mommy is seriously ill this time. I’ve got to do what I can to help!

is question made Madilyn even more anxious to the point where she could not stop herself from leaning over to pick Archie up in her arms and continue walking at a quicker pace.

Instantly understanding what Madilyn was thinking, Linda also sped up in front of them. The four of them hurried all the way to the warehouse.

Referring to the prescription Peregrine gave him, Archie began reciting the locations of the medicinal herbs according to the list. “Second warehouse, third row, fifth compartment. First warehouse, topmost row, third compartment from the left. Fifth warehouse, last row, first compartment.”

He gave clear and precise locations for every medicinal herb needed. Linda and Madilyn were in charge of searching for the medicinal herbs while Peregrine was responsible for weighing them out.

Thanks to their seamless teamwork, they succeeded in gathering all the medicinal herbs after one hour.

Then, Peregrine checked through each one of them again. After making sure there were no mistakes, he stroked Archie’s hair and sighed in relief.

“My child, you’re so smart!” The boy looked up at him. “You’re a very skilled doctor, aren’t you?”

Peregrine’s expression softened when he heard Archie’s cute voice. “Your mother is also a very skilled doctor.”

“But Mommy’s not well now. Are you able to cure her?” Archie asked, gazing at the elderly man in earnest. Those words touched a chord in Peregrine’s heart, and he vowed solemnly, “I’ll try my best!”

Archie bowed to Peregrine politely. “Thank you.” Peregrine gazed at the boy affectionately. He was now even more determined to cure Roxanne.
After checking the medicinal herbs, Peregrine wasted no time in leading a team to start researching the antidote.

Archie sat in a corner and waited restlessly. Meanwhile, Lucian and Jonathan stayed with Benny and Estella in the laboratory. They were all feeling

“Daddy, what’s the matter with Mommy?” Estella grew impatient and turned to Lucian with a pitiful expression, hoping to get an answer.

Lucian lowered his gaze, and his eyes darkened. Nonetheless, he maintained a calm and collected demeanor. “She’s fine. Don’t you trust that her prescription will work?”

Knitting her brows, Estella thought about it carefully. She nodded at first, then shook her head.

“I trust Mommy’s capabilities, but I still have a bad feeling here,” she replied, pointing at her heart while looking upset.

Lucian widened his eyes when he saw that. Jonathan, on the other hand, could not help averting his gaze.

So, that’s the bond between a mother and her children. Despite everything we’ve done, it’s still difficult to hide from these kids that Roxanne is in critical condition. However, who would have the heart to tell them the cruel truth?

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