Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1724

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1724 – An Error In Judgment With the children in tow, Jonathan set off from the manor.

The three little ones were very obedient along the way and remained silent. Jonathan hesitated for a while before finally deciding to call Lucian, who answered the phone after just a few rings. “What is it, Jonathan?”

“Lucian, I… I went to pick up Archie, but Benny and Essie insisted on tagging along too, so I brought them all with me…” he said nervously.

After all, he had made the call to bring Benny and Estella along without knowing whether it would end up causing more trouble.

He thought Lucian would have a few stern words for him, but to his surprise, the latter was quiet for a few seconds before calmly giving his consent.

“Okay, got it. Put the call on speaker so I can talk to them.” Jonathan breathed a sigh of relief, then immediately turned on the speakerphone and said to the children, “Your daddy wants to chat with you.”

The trio’s eyes lit up when they heard that. They leaned forward eagerly as though they could see Lucian through the screen and said, “Daddy!

How’s Mommy?” Their question sent a sharp pang shooting through Jonathan’s heart. He clenched his jaw and stared straight ahead, studiously trying not to catch a glimpse of the kids’ innocent faces.

On the other end of the line, Lucian also fell silent for several seconds before answering evasively, “Her condition has gotten a little bit more serious, but she has written out the prescription.

We just need Archie’s help to gather the medicinal herbs. You don’t have to be too worried.” Lucian’s response made Benny and Estella feel slightly more at ease. We’re confident in Mommy’s medical skills. Since she has prepared the prescription, everything will be okay!

“Will we be able to see Mommy when we’re there?” they asked expectantly. Lucian’s eyes darkened. “She’s waiting at the hospital. You need to come straight to the research institute.” The children were a little disappointed to hear that, but they knew it was not the time to whine.

They had no choice but to agree obediently. “Remember to be good when you arrive so that you don’t cause trouble for Archie,” Lucian reminded them
in a deep voice. In their piping voices, Benny and Estella replied, “We will.”

Lucian did not say anything more to them after that. He merely said to Jonathan, “That’s all, then. I’ll wait for you guys at the research institute.”

Jonathan murmured an acknowledgment and ended the call. Lucian put away his phone and strode into the research institute where Peregrine, Madilyn, and Linda were waiting for him.

“You’re here, Mr. Farwell.” Upon seeing him walk in, Madilyn asked anxiously, “How’s Roxanne now? Is someone watching over her?”

Lucian nodded. “I’ve instructed the specialists to watch over her.” Then, he turned to Peregrine and handed him the prescription Roxanne had written. “Old Mr. Lomax, here’s the prescription Roxanne came up with just now. Please have a look at it.”

The older man took it and studied it for a few minutes with a heightening look of interest in his gaze.

Roxanne drafted this prescription in such a short span of time and while afflicted by a deadly poison. I was almost at my wit’s end, but this young lady is surprisingly amazing!

Although there appear to be a few flaws here and there, this prescription covers the main components. All I need to do is add a few other medicinal
herbs to strengthen the body and reduce any risks.

After reading until the end, he exclaimed, “I knew I didn’t make an error in judgment!” The others looked at him in confusion.

Turning to Lucian, Peregrine said in a tone of awe and admiration, “You’ve found yourself a treasure, my boy! That girl is a genius indeed!”

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