Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1722

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1722 – Contact Me Right Away Roxanne was drenched in a cold sweat from the pain.

When she was finally done writing the formula, she looked up at the screen and said, “Old Mr. Lomax, this is the formula I can think of for now.

It might be incomplete. Please help me to check it later.” Peregrine nodded. “Don’t worry. I’ll do my best.”

Roxanne flashed him a grateful smile before turning to Lucian. “Get someone to send Archie over. Be quick.”

“Okay.” Just as he was about to give Cayden a call, Jonathan offered, “There’s no time for that! I’ll go!” “Thank you,” Roxanne uttered weakly.

Jonathan then rushed out of the laboratory. “Why are you sending Archie there?” Lucian pulled her into his embrace to distract her.

Roxanne was trembling from the pain, but she still managed to answer, “A-Archie remembers the order of the medicinal herbs in the research institute.

Only he can gather all the herbs using the shortest amount of time.” Even Roxanne could not defeat Archie in that.

Meanwhile, Peregrine was confused about who Archie was. All he could gather was that Archie was a person with amazing memory based on Roxanne’s description. While he was deep in his thoughts, he heard Madilyn shriek, “Roxanne!”

From the screen, Roxanne could be seen curled up and trembling in pain. She could barely focus on what they were saying.

A conflicted look fleeted across Lucian’s eyes when he saw how much pain Roxanne was in. No matter how torturous it was for her, she still snuggled against his chest instinctively.

Realizing that, Lucian came to a decision. He held her tightly with one hand and used the other to hit the back of her neck with the right amount of force.

Immediately, Roxanne stiffened and fell silent. Lucian hugged her for a few seconds before carefully placing her on the bed and tucking her in.

“I’ll go over and meet up with you guys,” he said to Madilyn and the others. Madilyn nodded in acknowledgment.

Her heart ached as she watched Roxanne’s furrowed brows relax. Regardless, that was a better option, as Roxanne would not feel the pain when she was unconscious.

It was better for her to be unconscious instead of enduring the pain in a conscious state. As Lucian marched out of the ward, he told Zayne to call in the experts.

“I’m going out for a while. Please take care of Roxanne. Make sure to contact me right away if anything happens.”

Lucian’s attitude had softened a little compared to the last time. Of course, the experts were fully aware of the reason for his sudden change in attitde.

hey nodded fervently. “Don’t worry, Mr. Farwell. We’ll take good care of her.”

Lucian turned around and gazed at the woman on the bed before striding into the elevator with the formula she had just written.

At the same time, Jonathan had arrived at the Farwell residence. The manor was brightly lit. Although there were three children about the age of six in the house, the atmosphere felt incredibly gloomy.

Thinking of the reason for that made Jonathan’s heart ache, and every step he took felt heavy. The moment he arrived at the entrance, the door opened automatically. Lucian must’ve given Catalina a call. Jonathan recollected himself before walking in.

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