Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1715

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1715 – What To Do Concurrently, in the ward, Roxanne and Peregrine discussed the methods to analyze the antidote’s content.

“A single test won’t be sufficient. nov.elxo However, we only have a limited amount of the antidote left. We need to come up with the most efficient and effective way to examine it,” suggested Roxanne.

Her voice sounded weak due to her feeble body and her speaking too long. Peregrine was worried about that problem, too.

After the two came up with a few possible solutions, Madilyn called. Roxanne answered the call and heard, “I’ve arrived, Roxanne.

What do you need me to do?” Her tone sounds somber. Jonathan probably told her about what was going on with me.

However, I don’t have the time to comfort her right now. Without delay, she informed Madilyn of Peregrine’s and her plan.

Madilyn listened attentively and voiced her opinion when she noticed something illogical. Eventually, they came up with three tests to conduct on the antidote that wouldn’t waste it and would ascertain its components effectively.

Although, Madilyn couldn’t help but blurt, “Still, there’s no guarantee it’ll have the medicinal herbs you need.”

Grinning, Roxanne comforted, nov.elxo “With how things have turned out, we can only do our best. I’ll be counting on you.”

With that, Madilyn began conducting the tests in silence. Meanwhile, Jonathan held his phone for Roxanne and Peregrine to watch Madilyn’s movements through a video call. It was just in case Madilyn got something wrong.

At the side, Linda clenched her fists nervously and prayed in her heart. There must be a medicinal herb within it that Dr. Jarvis needs! Considering how many people she has saved, I’m sure Lady Luck will smile at her!

“You can start the next test. I’ll check the report later,” uttered Roxanne upon noticing the conclusion of theanal ysis.

Just as sheended her sentence, she coughed twice. The pain was radiating from her body. Still, she endured the agony and continued to watch Madilyn work.

Upon seeing her like that, Peregrine turned toward the instruments monitoring her status next to the bed.

When he saw the numbers on the screen, he peered at Roxanne with a complicated look. Her body’s deteriorating fast because the antidote has run its course.

Based on the values I’m seeing, she must be in excruciating pain right now. Yet, she’s still holding herself together to keep going.

Her willpower is really a rare sight. Although, I’m not sure how much longer she can hold on.

Similarly, Lucian had noticed the rapid decline of Roxanne’s condition. He could feel his heart sinking. However, he was aware of the importance of her work.

Thus, he stood quietly at the side while his hatred for Jack burned brighter. That despicable man! How dare he make Roxanne suffer! Once she’s recovered, I’ll pay him back by a thousandfold!

The trio in the laboratory didn’t have time to look at the screen, but they could still tell Roxanne’s condition had worsened through her voice alone.

As her voice grew weaker, nov.elxo the trio became more despondent. Madilyn’s hands were even trembling.

Upon noticing her friend’s expression, Roxanne lifted her spirit and comforted Madilyn with a smile. “Calm down, Madilyn.

Just make sure you don’t make any mistakes. I can still keep going.” Lowering her eyes, Madilyn nodded wordlessly and did her best to compose herself while holding back the lump in her throat.

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