Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 171

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 171 – As if she sensed a pair of frosty eyes staring in her direction, Roxanne turned to observe her surroundings in puzzlement. Nonetheless, she did not spot anything strange.

“What’s wrong?” Larry asked in a concerned tone as he noticed the change in her expression. Roxanne merely retracted her gaze and shook her head, though appearing a little apprehensive. “It’s nothing.”

As much as she had said that, she seemed to be in her own world throughout the rest of the meal. She knew that the burning gaze she felt carlier was not only her imagination. Yet, she could not find its source.

Only after finishing the meal did she reluctantly put her suspicions aside, Like a gentleman, Larry proposed, “It’s late. Let me send you back home.”
However, Roxanne turned him down politely, “There’s no need. I drove here myself, so I better not trouble you.”

Hence, Larry had no choice but to respect her decision.The two made their way out while chatting happily, and only after watching her get into her car did he head to his and drive out of the parking lot slowly.

Conversely, Roxanne had just fastened her seat belt and was about to start the car when someone abruptly pulled open the door on the passenger side.
Then in came a man exuding a chilly aura from head to toe.

Roxanne jolted in alarm and froze in her movement but still instinctively looked in the direction of the passenger scat.
After getting a good look at the person’s face, the scowl on her face deepened. “What are you doing. Mr. Farwell?”

Devoid of expression, Lucian shut the car door. “Nothing. My car has broken down. And coincidentally, I happened to see you here. Please drive me back,
Ms. Jarvis.” The chilling aura surrounding his body was almost palpable.

Well aware how the atmosphere would only become tenser if she continued probing, Roxanne ultimately storied the engine without uttering another word. Throughout the ride, the car was dead silent. Lucian locked his deep gaze on the woman next to him, his brows tightly knitted together.

She’s o close with that dude… And they even met up just now. The way they interacted carlier inade it sem like they are a couple…
At this point, Lucian could no longer hold his curiosity back and broke the silence. “That guy… Is he Archie and Benny’s father?”

Roxanne was instantly stumped, unable to believe what she had heard. I wonder how did he get to that conclusion? Her reaction made Lucian’s frown deepen as he asked again, “It’s him?” When she finally recovered from her trance, Roxanne replied in annoyance, “You’re overthinking things.”

However, the man’s tone remained displeased. “Then are you intending to let him become Archie and Benny’s father?” Roxanne was even more dumbfounded. “I’m not. It’s true that I’m close to Larry, but please don’t make such baseless assumptions, Mr. Farwell.

That will cause unnecessary trouble for others.” Lucian stared at her with a scrutinizing gaze, and his grave expression lightened up a little. “If that’s the case, you might want to be considerate of your children and perhaps keep your distance from other men, Ms. Jarvis.”

In truth, Roxanne had found the man a little weird since he got into the car earlier. At this point, even the words he said made her feel slightly
uncomfortable. Hmm… why does he sound like he’s being sarcastic and trying to imply something?

Their brief conversation had already left Roxanne feeling annoyed, and her patience ran out after she heard his last sentence. “Mr. Farwell, what rights
do you have to say that? Do you think you’re doing fine in that aspect?” Lucian cognized the irony in her statement and furrowed his brows slightly.

Roxanne gradually stopped her car and turned her gaze toward the man beside her. “Before you poke your nose into someone else’s business,
please mind yourself first, Mr. Farwell!” “What did I do wrongly?” Lucian’s face turned even grimmer.

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