Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 168

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 168 – Meanwhile, Aubrce had returned to the Pearson residence with her parents, The three retained a grim expression all along their way back. Upon stepping foot into the house, Aubrce kicked off the heels on her feet.

Gina had wanted to comfort lier, but before she could, the latter already strode upstairs with a sullen look on her face.
What followed next was an ear-shattering door slam. Looks like she’s really mad.

Upstairs, Aubree clenched her fists tightly after slamming the door shut. She was trembling in rage as the voices of the crowd at the dinner party rang in
her ears. You’d think that her marriage with Mr. Farwell is finally happening given how arrogant she is, but who knew…

Didn’t the Pearson family rely on the Farwell family to get to where they are today? Just look at Mr. Farwell; I’m sure the Pearson’s will have a hard time
in the future! Alas, it was all for nothing after waiting for that long. Hah! What a joke!

Ever since Lucian took Roxanne with him and left in front of everybody, those guests started treating Aubree in a different way- from politeness at the
beginning to mockery and disdain.

They could not be bothered with her feelings and would even gossip about her while she was present at the scene.
Within a few minutes, she had turned from the future Mrs. Farwell, whom everybody was envious of in Harington, to the crowd’s laughing stock!

Displeasure built up within her at the thought of her initial motive of attending the dinner party. She had wanted to make Roxanne acknowledge her own status. Little did she expect that Lucian would actually embarrass her in front of so many people.

I’m sure after tonight, Harington’s high society will definitely spread rumors about how the engagement between Lucian and me has fallen through! My
efforts have all become futile because of that woman!

With that thought in mind, her expression turned downright vicious, and she swept across the table in rage, sending everything Inlying to the ground.
It’s all that btch’s fault! If not for her, things wouldn’t have come to where it is today!

I won’t let her off that easily! Downstairs, Gina and Samuel could clearly hear the commotion coming from Aubree’s room. “It’s too much!” Gina could not help but grumbie, “What did Lucian mean by that? He left Aubree behind while so many people were watching.

How are the others going to think of us?” Samuel’s face turned red with rage. “He obviously doesn’t give a den about us!”
While the couple was fuming and the racket in the room continued, Roxanne was clueless about the incident between the two families.

As she had consumed some alcohol at the dinner party, coupled with her interaction with Lucian along the way back, she was feeling worn out and
thus headed to bed early after playing with the kids for a short while. In the early morning, Estella’s motions jolted Roxanne awake.

She groggily got up to carry her and lay for a while longer before she felt much more awake. By the time she headed downstairs after helping Estella wash up, Catalina had already finished preparing breakfast. Archie And Benny were already seated downstairs as well.

At the sight of Roxanne coming down while holding hands with Estella, the two kids stared at her as they asked earnestly, “Mommy, do you have a
headache?” Along with Estella, Roxanne sat beside the two boys and shook her head, smiling:

“Thanks to you boys for bringing me the pills last night, my head doesn’t hurt at all.” Archie and Benny heaved a sigh of relief when they heard those words. Following that, Roxanne had breakfast with the three children. Right then, the doorbell rang.

Roxanne got up to open the door, and a frown crept up her face as the door. “It’s so early. Is anything the matter?”.
A tall and slender Lucian stood in front of the door and tilted his body slightly to reveal a line of bodyguards behind him.

Every one of them was carrying a large box.

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