Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1667

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1667 – Disgusted The look on Peregrine’s face darkened. The look on Peregrine’s face darkened.

“Getting her arteries to relax will take three days. If I haven’t come up with anything in three days, then…”

Peregrine did not finish his sentence, but those present could guess what he was going to say.

If Peregrine could not come up with a treatment plan in three days, Roxanne would die. That was a fact unless Lucian were to accept Jack’s request.

Although he had mentally prepared himself for that possibility, Peregrine’s words were still like a dagger that stabbed Lucian in the heart.

Madilyn and Jonathan were taken aback. Even Old Mr. Lomax can’t think of a way to treat her? How ruthless is Jack?

The two tried not to show the dismay on their faces. IN a calm tone, Jonathan asked, “Old Mr. Lomax, is there anything we can help you with?”

Peregrine nodded. “Where is the library? I need to do some research.” Jonathan instantly answered, “I know a library meant for those in the medical field.

The books there have been sorted according to their genres, and they have many collections there.” “We have no time to waste, so let’s head there right now.”

Jonathan immediately led Peregrine out with Frieda. Soon, Madilyn and Lucian were the only ones left in the corridor.

Soon, Madilyn and Lucian were the only ones left in the corridor. “I’m going to go inside to take a look at Roxanne. Mr. Farwell, do you want to join me?”

Madilyn asked, trying not to look sad. Lucian gave a long look at the woman surrounded by doctors in the ward before looking away and shaking
his head.

Madilyn could finally be sure that the man before her truly loved her good friend at the sight of his desolation. She was moved, but a wave of melancholy washed over her as well.

She could not help but feel that their relationship had been a tumultuous one. “Roxanne will be fine. I trust her, and you should have faith in her too,” Madilyn said to him.

With that, she turned around and went into the ward, tears springing into her eyes.

Madilyn had always been a tough individual, and she did not like shedding tears in front of anyone.

Roxanne was the only one she felt comfortable enough to laugh and cry around. But now, the friend Madilyn could be herself around was lying on the hospital bed, and she did not know if Roxanne would survive.

Madilyn did not even know who she should look for to vent the sorrow she felt. She walked over to the bed, and looking at her good friend’s colorless face, she grabbed her hand.

Roxanne, you have to hang on. We’re waiting for you. You have to get well soon. After taking a few seconds to calm herself down, Madilyn sniffled and forced her tears away before readying herself to join the rest of the doctors.

Lucian was standing in the corridor by himself. He was only a few steps away from Roxanne’s bed, but he could not bring himself to lift his leg.

Every time he looked at the woman’s face, the ache in his heart would worsen. He dared not imagine what would happen three days later.

If no one could think of a way to resolve Roxanne’s condition after three days, then he would have to agree to Jack’s requests and marry another woman.

Everything about Roxanne would have nothing to do with him anymore. Roxanne had kept a distance from him even when Aubree was only his fiancée in name back then.

He was certain that she would be disgusted with him and would despise him if she were to wake up and find out that he had married another woman.

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