Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1665

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1665 – Do Not Leave Us Hanging Peregrine drew his brows together when he received Lucian’s reply.

Then he shook his head. Peregrine drew his brows together when he received Lucian’s reply. Then he shook his head.

Everyone was confused, for they did not know what Peregrine meant by that, but they did not dare to ask him why either.

After a long silence, they finally heard Peregrine say, “The Four Peculiar Poisons are the Four Peculiar Poisons of ancient times.

They are Crimson Crane, Eviscero Gras, Final Day, and Mad Grin. They aren’t real, and so there’s no way you can get your hands on them.”

In other words, Jack was still telling him nonsense. Lucian’s eyes darkened before a murderous look flashed in them.

He could not believe that Jack had lied to him even when he was in that situation. If someone were to take his words seriously and started a treatment plan for Roxanne according to his words, Roxanne would certainly be on the verge of death by then.

Suppressing his anger, Lucian asked politely, “Old Mr. Lomax, what do you think about Roxanne’s condition, then?”

Peregrine turned to look at Roxanne in silence for a while before saying, “All of you must leave. I need to give her a detailed checkup.”

No one dared to object to that. Despite their worries for Roxanne, they all left the room.

Even Lucian was standing by the entrance, looking into the room through the window on the door.

He knew that Peregrine truly wanted to give Roxanne a checkup, but he dared not let Roxanne leave his line of sight with her current condition.

“Lucian, Old Mr. Lomax is a capable man. I’m sure he’ll be able to cure Roxanne,” Jonathan reassuredLucian.

“Lucian, Old Mr. Lomax is a capable man. I’m sure he’ll be able to cure Roxanne,” Jonathan reassured Lucian.

Even Madilyn bobbed her head in agreement. Apart from Lucian, there was no one else in the world who was more worried about Roxanne than her.

However, as an individual in the medical field, she had heard of the King of Medicine of Merania. Madilyn was confident in Peregrine’s ability to treat Roxanne.

Despite their reassurances, Lucian only nodded at them as he continued to fix his gaze on Roxanne. Peregrine grabbed Roxanne’s wrist and started taking her pulse with a solemn look. Once he was done with that, he pulled her eyelids up and checked her lips.

He seemed to have discovered something, but through the window, Lucian could only see Peregrine’s lips moving as if he was muttering something under his breath. A moment later, Peregrine frowned and strode toward the door.

Lucian shifted to the side to open up a path for him. “Summon the doctors who treated her yesterday!” Peregrine snapped at Lucian.

The doctors, who were standing nearby, shared a look with each other when they heard that. Still, they steeled themselves and went over to Peregrine.

Madilyn quietly stood at the side as well. “What did you diagnose her with?” Peregrine asked mercilessly as he stared at the reputable doctors.

The doctors kept their heads hung low as if they were students faced with a teacher asking them questions that they could not answer.

Their faces ere red. Peregrine snorted. “Young ones nowadays make horrible doctors!”

Despite the degrading words, no one dared to say anything in retort. No one but Madilyn. She asked anxiously, “Old Mr. Lomax, we’re not as knowledgeable as we should be,

and we’ll work harder to improve ourselves in medicine from now on. But please don’t leave us hanging right now. What’s wrong with Roxanne?”

In an icy voice, Peregrine uttered, “Can’t you tell? She’s been poisoned!” That was something Lucian had told them a long time ago, so they knew about it, but they had not been able to find the symptoms of poisoning.

In contrast, Peregrine had managed to come to that conclusion by himself.“ The patient’s arteries are hardening. If this goes on, the blood might burst through the hardened arteries and that’ll lead to life-threatening bleeding inside the body.

If you let the condition worsen to that point, the patient will be in mortal danger!” Peregrine stared at the doctors grimly

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