Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1663

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1663 – Repay Your Kindness Generously Frieda returned to the Queen residence right away.

Frieda returned to the Queen residence right away. Jonathan was listening to his assistant’s report in the house.

Out of all the invitations they had sent, a few reclusive famous doctors were unable to attend while the others had declined the request altogether.

In short, not one of them accepted the invitation. Jonathan understood those reclusive experts, who could be experienced and set in their ways, probably
had plans of their own.

The Queens were not particularly close to the reclusive experts they had invited, so they thought using Alfred’s name to reach out to them might help.

Under normal circumstances, Jonathan would not have handled their rejection well, but the fact that his closest friend’s partner was in danger caused him to feel a sense of panic.

Jonathan stood up anxiously. “Buy me a plane ticket. I’ll go there and meet them in person!” The assistant could only stay silent and keep up with him.

When they were about to leave the mansion, they bumped into Frieda, who was entering the house.

“Jonathan, where are you going? I found someone who can save Roxanne.” Frieda’s expression lacked joy. Instead, a hint of smugness lingered on her face as she conveyed the news to Jonathan.

Upon noticing the expression on Jonathan’s face, she knew he had not found anyone. Yes! I won! Jonathan was visibly anxious and eager to find out the expert she had managed to contact. “Who did you manage to get?”

Jonathan was visibly anxious and eager to find out the expert she had managed to contact. “Who did you manage to get?”

Frieda cleared her throat and said, “I spoke to someone who provided me with the contact of Peregrine Lomax—Merania’s King of Medicine!”

Jonathan’s eyes widened in shock. “Peregrine Lomax? You managed to get him to come?”

Frieda’s guilt flickered momentarily across her face, but she quickly regained her composure. “I told him about the patient’s condition and that she was Dr. Lambert’s apprentice.

I also mentioned that I was from the Queen family. I think he may have agreed to help because of Grandpa and Dr. Lambert.

But he did request a reward of ten million. Lucian wouldn’t mind spending such a small amount of money, would he?

It was not difficult to spot the loopholes in Frieda’s story, but Jonathan did not have the mental capacity to worry about that.

Jonathan confirmed with Frieda, “Are you sure that person is Peregrine Lomax? Where is he now, and when will he arrive?”

Frieda did not like the way he questioned her. “Yes, he is Peregrine Lomax. I arranged for him to rest in the suburbs, but he should arrive soon.”

Jonathan hesitated for a moment but decided to trust Frieda’s words. I have no choice but to believe her!

“Okay, I’ll contact Lucian right now. You go pick up Old Mr. Lomax. We’ll go to the hospital immediately once he arrives!”

Reluctantly, Frieda agreed and left to call Shawn. She asked him to get someone to send Peregrine to the city while she would wait for him at a designated location, hoping to minimize the travel time.

Jonathan immediately called Lucian and told him the good news. Even though Frieda might not have heard of Peregrine, Jonathan knew very well who he was. Besides Jack, Old Mr. Lomax will be the only other person in the world who can save Roxanne!

Upon learning that Frieda had invited a renowned doctor over and hearing Jonathan’s effusive praise for the doctor, Lucian felt his body begin to stiffen. “Ten million is nothing to me. I’ll even pay him a hundred million or even one billion!”

The legendary King of Medicine was his and Roxanne’s last hope! Jonathan also took the opportunity to put in a good word for his sister. “

We should thank Frieda for bringing him here.” Lucian responded in a deep voice, “I’ll repay your kindness generously if he can cure Roxanne!”

Jonathan muttered a casual response before hanging up the phone. I don’t expect you to repay my kindness.

My only hope is that you won’t hold a grudge against Frieda anymore.

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