Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 166

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 166 – At long last, the car arrived at the gate of Roxanne’s house.

Almost eagerly. Cayden stepped on the brakes before stumbling out of the car to open the door for the couple seated at the back. Only upon seeing
their figures enter the villa did he finally breathe a long sigh of relief.

For some reason, the atmosphere is never pleasant whenever Mr. Farwell spends time with Ms. Jarvis. “Mommy! You’re back!” As soon as Roxanne walked through the door, the three children greeted her with lovely smiles.

It was the first time they saw Roxanne’s outfit. “You look so pretty tonight, Mommy,” Benny said sweetly.
Roxanne’s mood improved when she saw the three children, and she beamed at his compliment. “Thank you, my dear.”

Archie was about to add something when he saw another figure entering through the door. Though the corners of his mouth turned downward after he recognized the figure, he still politely greeted his guest, albeit somewhat distantly. “Hello, Mr. Farwell.”

The sound of his brother’s voice drew Benny’s attention to the person behind his mother. A look of anticipation flashed in his eyes as he greeted the man obediently. Lucian nodded curtly to the two boys.

Despite his claims of coming for Estella, Lucian’s gaze merely swept over the girl before landing on Roxanne again. Archie and Benny smelled the alcohol by that point and looked at their mother with concern. “Have you been drinking, Mommy? Does your head hurt?”

Roxanne smiled warmly. “Not at all. I’ve only had a little.” Despite her assurance, the two boys remained uneasy. Archie ran to the medical kit for the hangover pills while Benny thoughtfully poured a glass of water and placed it on the coffee table.

Estella quickly joined in and helped Roxanne to the couch, With the meticulous care provided by the three children, Roxanne forgot all about the negativity she had encountered earlier that evening.

As he watched his mother gulp down the hangover pills, Archie hesitated for a moment before turning to the man who was still standing at the door.
“Did you drink as well?” Lucian raised his brow slightly. “A little.” Archie looked at the tablets in his hand and then at the man at the door.

He walked over hesitantly. “Would you like one?” Lucian’s deep gaze warmed slightly as he leaned over to accept the boy’s offer. “Thank you.”
Archie merely pursed his lips without responding. He then returned to Roxanne’s side after putting the hangover pills back.

Roxanne was busy fretting over the children, caressing the heads of each one in turn. “What have you three been up to tonight?”
Excited to answer the question, Benny grabbed Roxanne’s arm to help her up. The latter rose to her feet curiously and followed him to the carpet.

In its center stood a fairytale castle nearly one meter tall, made of Lego. Benny ran over proudly. “We finished building the castle!”
Archie and Estella shared in his excitement. Roxanne examined it for several minutes, her eyes full of surprise.

When Estella arrived under her care, it occurred to Roxanne that the little girl may not enjoy her sons’ toys. That was why she decided to get them
something they could work on together. The Lego set was only purchased a week ago.

Despite the project containing a total of over twenty thousand pieces of Lego bricks, the children finished it remarkably quickly.
“You kids are amazing!” Roxanne exclaimed, grinning, The children glowed at her praise.

Estella ran to the side of the model as fast as her short legs could carry her and pointed to a small room on the left side of the castle with a stubby finger. She then turned to look at Roxanne with bright eyes that were full of anticipation.

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