Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1641

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1641 – Enlist His Aid He hurried over to the research institute.

After the researchers examined Roxanne, they promptly went back to the research institute and continued their work there under Linda’s leadership.

Now that he had a lead on Roxanne’s condition, Lucian naturally wanted to go and check on the researchers.

When he arrived at the research institute, a group of researchers was conducting experiments. Only Linda remained seated in the office.

Every now and then, she would look in the direction of Roxanne’s workstation with eyes filled with worry. I wonder how Dr. Jarvis is doing?

Just as Linda was worried, she heard some movements at the door. She immediately returned to her senses and turned around to look at who had jut entered.

All she saw was Lucian standing at the entryway and frowning hard. When Lucian noticed that Linda had looked over, he said, “Gather the group of people from this morning. I have something to say.”

Linda quickly realized that it had to do with Roxanne, so she immediately set off to gather everyone there.

“I have a question for everyone here. Is there a medicinal herb that is only potent when burnt? All that person has to do is inhale enough of the residue, and when a certain dosage is reached, they will pass out,” Lucian asked everyone present with a grave expression on his face.

Most of the doctors at the hospital were experts in modern medicine and were likely not as exposed to herbal remedies.

On the contrary, the researchers at the research institute had to deal with such herbs all day long.

The likelihood of them narrowing down the list of herbs was far greater than modern medical practitioners.

Upon hearing what Lucian said, everyone was taken aback. “Do you mean that Dr. Jarvis inhaled smoke or something from these herbs?

Is that how she ended up like this?” asked someone cautiously. Lucian nodded. Everyone was shocked when they got the news.

Soon, the room was abuzz with wild guesses. In the end, they narrowed it down to four or five possibilities.

However, they still needed a more detailed examination of Roxanne to pinpoint the exact herb. They needed to draw some blood and test it to identify which components were present in her bloodwork.

Unfortunately, when everyone looked at Lucian standing so fiercely before them, nobody dared to say anything.

“What’s the matter?” asked Lucian coldly. He could sense their discomfort. Everyone present suddenly became anxious.

Finally, someone stood apart from the group and said, “Well… We need some blood from Dr. Jarvis for testing. I wonder if that’s okay with you, Mr. Farwell?”

Lucian frowned slightly. Everyone was startled and quickly lowered their heads.

After a while, they heard Lucian reply in a deep voice, “As long as you can find a cure, that is permissible. How much do you need?

I’ll have the hospital draw Roxanne’s blood and send it over here.” Research institutes had more research equipment than hospitals, after all.

The researchers then responded with how much they needed. Lucian went back to his office, made a call to Madilyn, and explained the situation.

The researchers made their way back to the conference room to continue determining the most likely herb.

Seemingly having thought of something, Linda made her way to Lucian’s office. Lucian had just gotten off the phone when he heard a knock outside his door.

Linda stood by the doorway and said respectfully, “Mr. Farwell, I have an idea of how we can deal with Dr. Jarvis’ condition.” Lucian frowned. “Go on.”

“As far as I’m aware, Dr. Galloway’s research on herbs is the best we have in our research institute. Maybe we can enlist his aid in finding a cure for Dr. Jarvis?”

When Colby was abroad, she had seen Harvey praise Colby’s contributions to herbal medicine research numerous times.

Having said that, Linda could feel her heart pounding in her chest when Lucian stayed silent for the longest time.

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