Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 164

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 164 – Jonathan’s parents and Sonya were with Alfred. After Lucian learned that he had been summoned for no apparent reason, he was just about to leave when Roxanne and Larry appeared in single file.

If there’s nothing else, Mr. Queen, I’d like to return as the children are waiting for me.” Roxanne politely bid him farewell.
Henrietta was a little surprised. “Leaving so soon? It’s only halfway through the dinner party. Stay a little longer!”

Roxanne smiled apologetically, “Maybe another time. I’m worried about the children at home.” Everyone present knew that she had two children.
Thus, they decided to oblige her insistence. Alfred beckoned Jonathan over. “I’m worried about Dr. Jarvis returning home alone this time of night.

Give her a ride.” The next moment, Jonathan turned to examine Lucian’s expression. Taking his lack of displeasure as a sign of consent, Jonathan was about to obey his grandfather when Larry’s voice rang out. “Don’t bother yourself.

I have to get home early to attend an online seminar that’s starting soon. I can drop Roxanne off on my way home.” Jonathan felt a tangible drop in the air pressure around him when Larry spoke. Clearing his throat, he was about to reclaim his errand when another cold voice cut across him.

“I don’t mind sending Ms. Jarvis home on your behalf, Mr. Morrison, seeing as you are so busy with work.” As if addressing the crowd was not enough,
Lucian then slowed down his speech to ensure that every word of his was caught. “Just as well, too. I can drop by Ms. Jarvis’ to see my daughter.”

Everybody present was stunned in an instant, with Sonya and Aubree appearing crestfallen. They had made arrangements for Lucian to attend the banquet with Aubree in an endeavor to spend romantic time together.

Moreover, their public appearance would imply that their wedding was imminent to the guests present.
Lucian’s declaration of sending Roxanne home, and the mention of his daughter, felt like a slap to their faces.

Aubree turned pale. Clenching her fists to restrain herself, she was dangerously close to losing her temper. “Your daughter?” Larry was puzzled.
What does Lucian’s daughter have to do with Roxanne? Lucian was indifferent to the reaction he had caused.

“My daughter has been staying at Ms. Jarvis for the past two days. Is there a problem with me stopping by to see her?” He did not lower his voice, and his words reached the ears of the surrounding guests. A chorus of discussion and gossip erupted after a short silence.

Aubree did not expect Lucian to be that blatant. Her face turned ashen as she listened to the discussion around her. Clenching her jaw, she lowered
her head to avoid the guests’ curious eyes. The elders of the Queen family were also very surprised.

They were aware of what Estella meant to Lucian. Therefore, they were surprised to learn how Lucian and Roxanne were close to the extent of
having Estella entrusted in her care. It sounds as if Estella has been living with Roxanne for a while.

That was news to Jonathan, too. As shocked as he was, he felt he should have seen it coming. Upon second thought, he decided to remain silent.
In an instant, the atmosphere among the crowd became very strange.

Equally shocked, Roxanne bit her lip in secret anxiety as she tried to calm herself down. While the crowd was more surprised that Estella was living with her, Roxanne was more concerned about the fact that Lucian had announced it so out rightly.

What’s going on here? Racking her brains for something to say, she intended to defuse the palpable tension in the air.
Before she could, somebody grabbed her wrist. “Weren’t you in a hurry? Let’s get going!”

Lucian’s cold voice sounded in her ears before the grip on her wrist tightened.
Roxanne regained her senses abruptly and was forced to abandon her notion.

She only had time to utter a hasty goodbye to Alfred before being dragged away by Lucian.

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