Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1631

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1631 – Tell Me “Old Mr. Damaris.” Lucian searched the mansion but failed to locate Jack.

Then, he marched toward the back garden. Lucian greeted Hector distantly when he saw the latter. Hector placed the watering can on one side and nodded at Lucian.

The butler’s eyes were filled with guilt when he followed Lucian into the garden and met with Hector. Hector waved his hand. “You may leave now.

I shall have a chat with Mr. Farwell.” The butler heaved a sigh of relief after hearing that. He politely retreated into the living room.

“I’ll prepare some coffee for you.” Subsequently, Hector and Lucian were left alone inside the back garden. Lucian scanned the surroundings emotionlessly and still didn’t see Jack around.

Hector uttered, “Why are you here today, Mr. Farwell?” Standing before Hector, Lucian slightly relaxed his tense expression as his respect toward Hector
persisted. “I wish to meet with Jack. May I know if you can tell me where he is?”

Hector knitted his brows as a curious look flitted across his eyes. Supporting himself with a walking stick, e sat by the small table in the back garden.

Then, he gestured at Lucian. “Have a seat before we talk.” Naturally, Lucian wasn’t in the mood to sit down.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t refuse Hector’s invitation, so he walked over and sat beside the latter. The butler placed two cups of hot coffee on the table for them.

“You said you’re here to meet with Jack. May I know what’s the matter?” Hector was a worldly man who had lived a spectacular life.

Therefore, he could keep his composure despite knowing Lucian wasn’t there with friendly intentions.

Forcefully suppressing his burning rage, Lucian replied solemnly, “This is a matter between Mr. Damaris and me.

It will be best if you don’t interfere, Old Mr. Damaris. You just need to tell me his whereabouts.”

The Damaris family was a century-old and prestigious clan, while Hector was a prominent and esteemed figure in society.

Hence, Lucian decided not to lump Jack’s behavior with the Damaris family. He reckoned if Hector were to be informed of his grandson’s doings, the old man’s health might deteriorate due to anger.

Hector grew more unsettled because of Lucian’s reluctance to come clean. “You can talk to me about what’s troubling you.

Jack is a member of the Damaris family, so I cannot escape being involved in his matters. Our family upholds a stringent set of teachings.

If Jack has done something wrong, I won’t let him off easy either.” Hector attempted to persuade Lucian.

As seconds continued to tick by, Lucian lost his patience to wait any longer. He uttered coldly, “In that case, I would like to suggest you demand Mr. Damaris’ presence here, and we will chew over this matter before you!”

After seeing that Lucian had compromised, Hector had no choice but to agree. He immediately called for the butler and instructed him to request Jack to come home at once.

The butler immediately executed Hector’s order and contacted Jack. Meanwhile, Hector and Lucian continued conversing in the back garden.

“I’ve asked someone to summon him over. Can you tell me what happened now?” Hector let out a sigh.

“I’ve never had to worry about Jack since he was young. That was why I let him take over Damaris Group.

However, lately, it seems like he has lost his way.” Lucian gazed at the old man. “Old Mr. Damaris, since we’ll discuss this matter before you later, I shall not
keep you in the dark further.

Mr. Damaris utilized an unknown trick to render my wife comatose. The hospital staff can’t determine what’s wrong with her, so I came here to look for him!”

An astonished expression spread across Hector’s face after he heard that. He even stopped breathing for a few seconds. “W-What did you say?”

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