Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1621

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1621 – You Can LeaveJack was vexed with the woman in his rearview mirror.

It has only been several days since I last met her. How did she become so sharp-tongued? Jack’s anger dissipated as his gaze swept past the aroma lamp hidden under the passenger seat. His eyes continued to gleam with hostility.

Soon, this mouth won’t be able to utter a single word. At that thought, Jack felt exhilarated.

“Don’t you ever forget that it was my idea to develop this medicine, Ms. Jarvis. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have gotten so far in the research.”

He kept his composure and started engaging her in small talk to delay the time.

Roxanne thought the car smelled of essential oil but quickly dismissed the idea since she could not locate the source.

She ended up assuming the faint fragrance was Jack’s car perfume. She nodded gently upon hearing Jack’s comment. “

That’s true. If you hadn’t mentioned anything about it, I wouldn’t have had the courage to begin the research.

Anyhow, I depended on my own strengths and capabilities to develop the medicine and bring the idea to fruition.”

Initially, Roxanne was rather dubious about the whole matter too. She debated multiple times if she should brand the medicine under the Damaris family name because Jack was the one who proposed it first.

However, Lucian rejected her idea without any hesitation. He justified that Jack merely gave a passing comment and had not involved himself in any parts of the research process.

The success of the medicine was solely owed to Roxanne’s efforts. He truly believed that Jack could have proposed that idea to anyone, but only Roxanne could have created the medicine.

If I were to listen to Jack and give him credit for the medicine developed, does it mean that I could also do the same and share a crazy idea with any Tom, Dick, and Harry, then request to be credited when the idea came true in the future?

Obviously, this is absurd! The medicine should be exclusively branded under Roxanne’s name along with her research institute.

After Lucian knocked some sense into Roxanne, the latter became more confident and assertive when defending her idea in front of Jack.

That made Jack absolutely furious. If it were not for the fact that the aroma lamp had not completely burned out, he would have opened the door and kicked Roxanne out of the car.

“Ms. Jarvis, you’re truly… eloquent and full of wit. Why didn’t I realize your talent in the past?” teased Jack. Roxanne smiled but said nothing.

Then, a brief moment of silence filled the air. Suddenly, Jack gazed at Roxanne and asked, “If I were to give in and sell the medicine at two hundred and
seventy-one per box, would you be willing to work with Damaris Group?”

For some reason, Roxanne felt Jack’s tone sounded a bit peculiar, as though he had a hidden agenda.

However, she could not pinpoint what it was. “No thanks. I’m sticking to my decision,” she expressed her opinion without thinking twice.

mmediately, Jack’s expression turned grim. y then, the aroma lamp had already extinguished itself.

“Then, there’s nothing else for us to talk about. You may leave now, Ms. Jarvis,” Jack uttered coldly. Roxanne nodded as she opened the door.

Before stepping out of the car, she could not help but leave him with a heartfelt reminder. “Mr. Damaris, I used to respect you a lot because you upheld the Damaris family’s record of benevolence to good causes.

I admired your superb medical skills and passion for saving lives. However, I didn’t expect your ambition to be so different from mine.

I thought that doctors should prioritize the needs of their patients, but all you cared about was making a profit.”

She sighed softly before getting out of the car. The livid Jack watched her leave with an expression of sullen resentment.

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