Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 162

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 162 – After seeing them interacting with each other a few times, Jonathan seemed to have figured something out.

At the very least, he had noticed that Lucian‘s attitude toward Roxanne was far from what he expected When he found out about their relationship prior to that, Jonathan thought Lucian would ignore Roxanne. However, it was the complete opposite.

In fact, he could tell that Lucian was helping her out in every way he could. Aubree, on the other hand, was utterly disregarded. Upon seeing their interactions, Jonathan could tell that Lucian cared about Roxanne more.

Hence, that was why he had suggested so after seeing the scene before his eyes and Lucian’s sudden displeasure.
Lucian frowned and ignored Jonathan‘s question while wearing a grim expression.

Jonathan knew Lucian very well, so he pretended to sound troubled when he voiced, “Since I‘ve invited Dr. Jarvis personally, I don‘t think it‘s nice of me to leave her unattended. I‘m going to have a chat with her. Would you like to come along?”

Lucian only responded in agreement after a few seconds. The two of them excused themselves from the crowd and left. Meanwhile, Roxanne was still having a nice conversation with Larry. Suddenly, she saw those two approaching from behind Larry.

Her smile faded a little, and she frowned. “Mr. Morrison, when did you return to the country? Why didn‘t you let me know you‘re back?” Jonathan patted Larry‘s shoulder casually. Larry turned around to flash a smile.

After exchanging some pleasantries with Larry, Jonathan took a quick glance at Lucian before asking Larry nonchalantly, “Do you know Dr. Jarvis?”
Larry nodded and smiled. “Yes. I know her well, actually.” Jonathan’s heart skipped a beat when he heard that.

When he instinctively glanced at Lucian, he saw Lucian’s expression had turned cold. As a matter of fact, the atmosphere turned cold instantly.
Jonathan went silent as well. All of a sudden, an awkward moment ensued.

“Jonathan, who’s this gentleman?” Lucian’s indifferent voice broke the silence. Jonathan shuddered before pushing Larry toward Lucian while retreating to the side himself. “Oh! I‘ve forgotten to introduce you guys to each other. This is Larry Morrison from the Morrison family.

Mr. Morrison is a medical practitioner, and he‘s abroad most of the time.” With that, he introduced Lucian to Larry, “This is Lucian Farwell. Mr. Farwell
is the CEO of Farwell Group. You‘ve heard of him, right?” As soon as those words fell, Lucian reached out his hand expressionlessly.

“Oh, it‘s you, Mr. Morrison. Nice to meet you.” Although it was a very gentleman–like gesture, Larry felt as though Lucian had considered him an enemy. After a moment of hesitation, Larry reached to shake Lucian‘s hand.

“I‘ve heard about you ages ago, Mr. Farwell! Roxanne and you are—” As he was speaking, Larry subconsciously glanced at Roxanne. When he
was about to complete his sentence, Roxanne interrupted, “Larry, I don‘t know Mr. Farwell that well. You don‘t have to talk about me to him.”

Roxanne looked at Lucian with a distant look in her eyes as she nodded at him indifferently, as a sign of greeting Upon seeing that, Larry stopped talking immediately. After glancing at Roxanne and Lucian, he changed the topic and said, “I‘m sorry. I shouldn‘t have done that.

Yet, you‘re a famous young man, Mr. Farwell. I‘m honored to meet you.” Lucian took notice of the interaction between those two. When Lucian noticed the chemistry between them, he frowned in displeasure. He had also only responded to Larry with an expressionless nod.

Although he didn‘t finish his sentence just now, I know what he was going to say. Although I‘ve never met him, he knows about my relationship
with Roxanne. He was about to talk about what happened six years ago.

Why would Roxanne tell him about that? What exactly is their relationship like? With those thoughts running through his mind, Lucian‘s infuriation was for everyone to see.

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