Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1567

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1567 – No Need Be Hasty Roxanne couldn’t help but feel a little discouraged after failing to establish contact with any satisfactory medicinal herb supplier after making calls for the entire afternoon.

She had contacted almost all of the medicinal herb suppliers that had previously collaborated with the research institute.

If I can’t find an up-to-par partner, my only choice will be to put more effort into sealing the deal with Jack. In that case, the research institute will be in a disadvantageous position.

Roxanne couldn’t figure out any solution even as evening arrived. At that moment, Lucian called. She recomposed herself before answering the phone.

“Are you getting off work now?” His voice was filled with concern. Hearing his voice, Roxanne felt unbidden grievances surge within her.

Still, she forced a chuckle as she didn’t want to let her emotions show.“Not yet, but there’s nothing much to do today, so I can get off work anytime.

What’s the matter?” Lucian frowned slightly as he sensed something amiss about her tone. “I’ll go and pick you up, then. Let’s fetch the kids from school together.”

Roxanne subconsciously relaxed when she heard he was coming. A hint of anticipation crept into her heart as a genuine smile spread across her countenance.

“Okay. I’ll wait for you.” The two stopped talking and hung up the phone. Roxanne was worried he might discover her downheartedness when they met later, so she tried her best to pull herself together.

Linda entered her office. “Dr. Jarvis, aren’t you leaving yet? Is the matter regarding the supply of medicinal herbs very challenging to deal with? Can I help in any way?”

Roxanne’s face wasn’t as pale and tense as before after she talked to Lucian on the phone. She was further touched after listening to Linda’s kind words.

Beaming at Linda, she said gratefully, “That’s not necessary. You won’t be able to provide me with much assistance since you just returned from overseas and lack connections. I’ll have to trouble you to pay more attention to the operations at the factory, though.”

Linda hummed in agreement before bidding Roxanne farewell. Then, she got off work first while Roxanne stayed in her office.
Roxanne finally got up and left when Lucian called and informed her that he had arrived at the research institute’s entrance.

When she exited the building, she saw Lucian leaning against the car and looking down at his phone, seemingly focused on his work.

Roxanne grinned at the sight of him concentrating on his phone. She hastily approached him, making minimal noise in the process as she planned to scare him. However, Lucian exposed her mischief and caught her red-handed.

He pinched her chin, planted a kiss on her lips, and chirped, “I saw you the moment you walked through the doorway.”

With that, he kept his phone and gentlemanly helped her open the car door. Roxanne blushed slightly. She scanned her surroundings and breathed a sigh of relief after noticing no one was looking in their direction before getting into the car.

Lucian walked around the vehicle to open the car door on the other side. “How was the discussion with Jack? I noticed you seemed a little moody.”

Roxanne’s gaze darkened at the mention of her meeting with Jack. She replied evasively, “We’ve already finalized the profit division, but we need to debate further regarding the issue of the medicine’s pricing.”

Lucian glanced up at her via the rearview mirror. He saw her gazing downward and subconsciously placing her intertwined hands on her knees.

It was apparent to him that she wasn’t being honest, as that was her habitual gesture when telling a lie. He didn’t need to probe further to know that the negotiation in the afternoon didn’t go well.

Nevertheless, sensing her reluctance to elaborate, Lucian decided to have faith in her and give her more time to tackle that problem.

Then, he started the car engine. Instead of inquiring further, he uttered in a deep voice, “Back-and-forth is an unavoidable part of doing business, so there’s no need to be hasty.” Roxanne nodded.

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