Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1538

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1538 –Do Not Take It To Heart Lucian arched an eyebrow slightly in response.

He knew Roxanne was hiding something from him when she paused briefly.

“Why would he refuse to talk about work? Isn’t it better to finalize a contract that would bring him profits as soon as possible?”

Lucian asked calmly in an attempt to go with the flow. Roxanne lowered her gaze as she replied, “He had been drinking and felt he was in no condition to discuss business.”

Jack has been drinking? Lucian narrowed his eyes as he said, “Most deals are closed over drinks. Jack is the heir of the Damaris family, so I’m sure he must’ve closed plenty of deals over drinks by now.

He must have had some other reason for refusing to discuss business with you.” Roxanne’s eyes went wide as she recalled what happened earlier.

She couldn’t bring herself to tell him that their negotiation failed because she turned down Jack’s confession.

While she did not have feelings for Jack, she believed that a confession was a private thing, so she didn’t want to reveal it to Lucian.

Roxanne eyed him cautiously as she said, “Maybe he didn’t want to discuss business while he was in a celebratory mood earlier.

I’ll go see him again tomorrow at Damaris Group. Would you have time to come with me?” She didn’t know how she would face Jack after what hapened earlier.

Besides, she also needed Lucian to help check the details of the contract. Naturally, Lucian wouldn’t say no to her request.

While he was displeased with her hiding the truth from him, he was willing to forget about that since she wanted him to go meet Jack with her.

With that, the topic of their conversation shifted toward the contract that they would be signing with Jack tomorrow.

As Elias and Sonya had yet to return to the Farwell residence, the three kids were huddled around Catalina and telling her their stories from kindergarten.

Catalina couldn’t stop laughing as the kids presented those stories in a really humorous and adorable manner.

The three kids quickly turned around when they saw Lucian and Roxanne come in through the front door. “Mommy! Daddy!”

Roxanne’s lips curled into a relieved smile as she bent over to hug them. “Have you kids been good today?”

he three kids nodded profusely in response. “Yeah, we have!” “They have all been behaving themselves very well today.

They even helped me out with the chores!” Catalina added with a smile. Roxanne couldn’t help but wonder if she was worrying too much about them since they arrived a week before she did.

“Let’s go have dinner,” Lucian said in a deep voice. “Don’t we need to wait for your parents?” Roxanne asked in confusion.

“My dad texted me earlier and said he’d be eating out with my mom, so we can go ahead and eat,” Lucian replied while showing her his phone.

Roxanne breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the text from Elias. She also had a feeling that Elias was trying to help them out.

He knew that the atmosphere would be incredibly tense if they had dinner with Sonya around, so he brought her out to let them dine in peace.

Roxanne felt thankful when she realized he was doing it for her and the kids.

Lucian wrapped an arm around her shoulder and said with a reassuring look in his eyes, “They’ll move out in a few days.

Don’t take anything that my mom says to heart, okay? Just let me know if she gives you any trouble, and I’ll talk to her myself.”

Roxanne pursed her lips and smiled in response. “I know. You’ll have a lot to deal with, though.”

“My attitude toward you in the past is why things are tense between you two. I’m the cause of my mom’s misunderstanding, so I should be the one to fix it,” Lucian said solemnly

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