Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1532

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1532 – I Am Right Upon hearing the woman’s concerns, Lucian’s eyes softened, and he reassured her in a deep, comforting voice, “You don’t need to worry about that.

I’ve discussed this with them. They will leave soon.” Roxanne was taken aback by his reply. “When? What did you say to them?”

Lucian didn’t answer her questions and merely replied, “They’ve always stayed at the Farwell main residence. So it will be more convenient for them if they go back there. Staying together with us is only going to make things difficult for them.”

Noticing his reluctance to answer her question, Roxanne decided against pressing on. However, she felt something didn’t quite add up and said, “But, I’m the outsider.

If you ask them to go back because of me—” “We’re going to be a family if you agree to my proposal,” Lucian interjected. “

As for my mom and dad, you don’t need to worry about them holding grudges against you. I’ll deal with that.”

Roxanne backed down when he brought up the proposal again. “I believe that you will…” Then, she lifted her gaze to look at the time and said sheepishly, “It’s getting late.

I should head to the research institute now. You should continue with your work too.”

Lucian didn’t want to force a reply out of her and hummed a response, waiting for her to hang up.

Roxanne let out a relieved sigh after watching the phone screen go dark. After greeting Catalina and telling her to take good care of the children, she changed into her work clothes and headed to the research institute.

After the discussion and research session with Jack yesterday, they were only one step away from the final formulation of the new drug.

They only needed one more day to finalize it. Roxanne threw the unpleasant incident in the morning to the back of her mind at the thought of her work.

She realized that Jack had already been waiting when she arrived at the research institute. “Mr. Damaris.”

Jack’s attitude toward her had taken a roller coaster recently. However, Roxanne decided to treat him as no more than a work partner.

Since the collaboration was led by Damaris Group this time, Jack was actually her superior now.

Hence, Roxanne felt guilty that she was caught getting late to work by her boss. Jack’s eyes darkened at the sight of the faint hickey on her neck.

However, he suppressed his fury and greeted Roxanne with a smile. “You must be tired from the overtime work these days, Ms. Jarvis, so it’s good for you to get some rest.

Since you’re already here, let’s get on with the final step. I really hope we can succeed this time.” Roxanne nodded and regained her composure.

She changed into her lab coat and walked into the laboratory. The two of them worked separately, and after working for one whole morning, Roxanne finally had a breakthrough.

“I think… I’ve done it.” It was not easy for them to succeed. Adding on top of the fact that there had been many failures along the way, Roxanne was especially careful this time.

Jack heard her and quickly went to her direction. The two of them tested the efficacy of the medicine.

Upon testing it on lab mice, it was found that Roxanne’s new medicine managed to reduce the activity of the cancer cells in them!

“We did it!” Jack grabbed Roxanne’s shoulder and tapped on it. “I knew my judgment was right. I knew you could do it!”

At the same time, he vowed to make Roxanne his woman. A medical genius like Roxanne was born for the Damaris family, and she could only realize her true potential if she married him. Hence, Jack knew he would never give her up, no matter what it took.

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