Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1508

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1508 – “It’s really late. You should go to bed. Don’t go anywhere for the next few days,’’ Lucian reminded them.

The kids nodded profusely in response. “Okay! We’ll be going to bed now!” Archie said as he casually led Benny and Estella back inside.

Lucian said nothing further after watching the three of them leave the balcony. Roxanne, on the other hand, was burning bright red.

Lucian and I were just hugging the last time they caught us together. This time, they nearly caught us kissing!

Roxanne shot Lucian another glare at the thought of that. “It’s really late. I thought they had all gone to bed,” Lucian replied with an innocent look on his face.

Roxanne felt speechless when she saw how calm he was about it. “As you said, it’s very late. I need to go to bed now. You should head home too, Mr. Farwell!”

Lucian had an affectionate look in his eyes when he saw her get flustered. Roxanne had just walked past him when he reached out and grabbed her by the wrist.

He spun her around and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. “Take good care of yourself. My phone will be switched on at all times, so just give me a call if anything happens,” he said before letting go of her.

Having been caught off guard by his sudden kiss, Roxanne only regained her composure a few seconds later.

Whatever negative emotions she had were gone when she heard his deep and seductive voice. “You too.

Stay safe on the drive home, and let me know when you have arrived.”

Lucian nodded with a smile and waited until she entered the mansion before getting into his car. Roxanne watched as his car disappeared into the distance before returning to her room.

She had just opened her bedroom door when she saw the three kids sitting on her bed. The kids turned around excitedly when they heard the door opening.

Benny sounded a little disappointed when he asked, “Why did you come upstairs so soon, Mommy?”

Roxanne knew what he was implying with that question of his, but she ignored it and responded by asking, “I’m the one asking the questions here.

Why are you three still awake this late at night?” Unsure of what to say, the kids exchanged glances in silence.

Eventually, Estella decided to speak up and replied with a pitiful look on her face, “I couldn’t sleep because you weren’t home yet, so I had Archie and Benny keep me company.”

She then hopped off the bed and hugged Roxanne’s thigh as she continued, “It’s all my fault, Mommy. Please don’t blame Archie and Benny!”

Roxanne had always had a soft spot for Estella to begin with, and that spot only grew softer ever since she found out about Estella’s identity.

She patted Estella on the head and shifted her gaze toward Archie and Benny. “Oh, well… I have something to tell you kids anyway.”

The kids immediately sat up straight with serious looks on their faces.

Not wanting to scare them, Roxanne tried her best to sound as calm as possible when she said, “I need you kids to behave yourselves and bring your smartwatches with you when you go to kindergarten.

Also, stay with Ms. Ward after class is over. Do not leave the kindergarten until you see me. Is that understood?”

The kids were pretty smart, so they knew something had happened after the incident earlier that evening even if Roxanne didn’t tell them.

While they were still too young to be of any help, the best they could do was not make Roxanne and Lucian worry. “Okay!” The kids nodded obediently in unison.

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