Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1500

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1500 – After putting the two on surveillance, the police contacted Lucian at once.

“What? You don’t know where she is?” The update triggered a scowl on Lucian’s face. “What did Samuel and Gina say?”

“They have no idea where she is, and we have searched everywhere. It’s just that since you and Aubree were previously…

Perhaps she might agree to come forward if you set up a meeting with her.” In essence, they wanted Lucian to act as bait.

With a slight furrow of his brows, Lucian glanced at Roxanne, who was beside him.

Unable to hear what they were talking about, Roxanne gave him a puzzled look when their eyes met. “I understand. I’ll give it a try,”

Lucian answered before ending the call. Roxanne asked anxiously, “What’s wrong?”

“Aubree has disappeared. Samuel claimed that he kicked her out ever since the incident with the photo. No one knows where she is currently.”

Lucian continued with a solemn tone, “The police want me to contact her, hoping to lure her out.”

Even though Roxanne nodded to indicate her acknowledgment, she still gave him a nervous look.

Lucian called Cayden, instructing him to lead a team and join the police on their search. Thereafter, he proceeded to contact Aubree.

Meanwhile, the distraught Aubree was sitting on the bed inside a hotel in the city. Phone in hand, she was staring at Ophelia’s contact.

When there were no updates about Roxanne after an entire day’s wait, she wanted to check with Ophelia about their plan’s success.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t reach Ophelia despite trying the entire night. Just when she refused to give up and wanted to continue calling, her phone suddenly rang. Lucian was on the line.

The sight of the caller ID caused Aubree to tense up. Her phone almost slipped out of her trembling hands. Lucian? Why is he calling me now?

Aubree’s mind was filled with questions. In the past, she would have answered without hesitation. But now, her gut told her that the call was nothing but trouble.

However… What if? Gritting her teeth, Aubree felt torn due to her desire for things to return to the way they were.

After long deliberation, she finally decided to pick up. She answered warmly, “Lucian, it’s late. What is it?”

Lucian’s deep voice rang out beside her ear. “Where are you? Let’s meet. Perhaps there has been some misunderstanding about what happened previously.”

Aubree’s eyes lit up at the words. Just when she was about to reply, she heard the wailing siren of a police car downstairs.

Jolted back to her senses, Aubree balled her free hand into a fist, while the one clenching the phone trembled uncontrollably.

Before Lucian could say another word, she ended the call. Lucian called me out of the blue after not getting in touch for a long time…

With his capabilities, there’s no way he isn’t aware of my parents’ home on the outskirts of the city. And yet, the first thing he asked about was my location.

It means he knows that I’m not at the mansion and is looking for me! That can only be the result of Ophelia being caught and consequently betraying me.

Obviously, I cannot meet him, as that would seal my doom! Also, he might have tracked my location through the call.

Cognizant of the fact, Aubree sprang up from the bed and grabbed her coat before leaving the hotel discreetly.

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