Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1489

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1489 – After dinner, the kids tactfully went upstairs and gave their parents some privacy.

Roxanne cleared the dining table, and when she was about to do the dishes, Lucian held her hand and pushed her to the side.

“Since you’re tired, go outside and get some rest.” With that, Lucian rolled up his sleeves and started washing the dishes.

Although that wasn’t the first time Roxanne had seen Lucian do that, she was still surprised by what she saw.

If Lucian had treated me this way six years ago, would we be a happy family by now?

Seeing that Roxanne was still there, Lucian started making small talk. “Where’s Lysa? Why is she not here?”

Roxanne snapped back to reality and answered, “She hasn’t been feeling well, so I told her to rest.” “Then I’ll look for a housekeeper to help you guys at home.”

Roxanne shook her head in response. “There’s no need for that. I can’t trust anybody else now. Once I’m done with what I’m busy with, I’ll have the time to take care of the kids.”

While talking, Roxanne yawned. Lucian turned back to look at her before picking up his pace to finish doing the dishes.

With the dishes done, he brought her out of the kitchen. Roxanne was feeling groggy, so she followed him to the couch and sat down.

Lucian massaged her temples and said, “Must you keep working with the Damaris family? Since you’re so overworked, perhaps you should cancel the collaboration.

If you wish to make a living in Chanaea, I can help you.” Roxanne’s tiredness subsided a little when Lucian was massaging her.

However, she couldn’t help but frown when she heard Lucian’s suggestion. With a straight face, she uttered, “We’ve already signed the contract.

How can I just cancel it?” “I’ll pay the termination fee for you,” Lucian answered in a deep voice.

“It’s not that simple. It’s important that I develop the drug. There’s too little anti-cancer medication in the local market.

If I can develop a new drug, I’m certain I can save a lot of lives.” Roxanne smiled and shook her head. Prior to this, I was adamant about working with the Damaris family because I wanted their ancient medicine books.

Now, however, I think it’s more important for me to treat more diseases and help more people.

With a solemn look in her eyes, she added, “I’ve been a doctor for so many years, and I’ve seen too many patients who were tortured to death by diseases, especially cancer. It’s an utter nightmare.

Patients are suffering every day, and there’s no cure for them. They can’t do anything but wait for their time to end.

As they approach the later stages of the disease, their lives are basically hell. I want that to end because I’ve seen enough of it.”

The look in Lucian’s eyes softened up after he listened to Roxanne. “I understand how you feel.”

“Although I’m exhausted, I think it’s all going to be worth it.” Roxanne let out a sigh.

Still massaging her temples, Lucian said, “I know you want to help people, but you need to take care of yourself as well. If you keep going on like this, you’re going to get sick.

If that happens, won’t your research be in vain?” Roxanne nodded, indicating that she knew what she was doing. “I’m a doctor, so I know my body well.

Don’t worry.” Lucian didn’t respond to that. Instead, he just kept looking at her. I understand her feelings, but how can I not worry about her?

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