Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1487

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1487 – The kids were over the moon because that was the first time Lucian brought them out.

That was especially the case for Benny, as he was basically calling Lucian “Daddy” very naturally at that point.

Lucian let them have fun in the amusement park until the sky went dark before bringing them to the movie theater.

When they were watching the movie, Lucian’s phone suddenly vibrated. He took a glance at it and saw that it was a call from Roxanne.

Lucian gently told the kids to wait for him and went out to answer his phone.

The moment the call went through, he heard Roxanne asking in an anxious tone, “Where are you? I just got home, and the kids are gone.

Have they gone to look for you?” In the mansion, Roxanne was opening door after door to make sure the kids weren’t hiding in one of those rooms.

She had been busy working overtime for the past few days and neglected the kids.

However, she also noticed how sluggish the kids had been over the past few days.

She had planned to take the next day off and bring the kids out to have some fun. To her surprise, she got home that evening to find that the kids were all missing.

Upon recalling what the kids had done in the past, Roxanne was hoping that they had gone to look for Lucian. That was why she had called him right away.

Lucian’s heart broke when he heard Roxanne’s uneasy tone. Frowning helplessly, he answered, “I had time today, so I brought them out because they wanted to have some fun.”

Roxanne let out a sigh of relief when she heard those words. “Why didn’t you inform me? I was worried sick when I got home,” she grumbled.

Tenderness filled Lucian’s eyes when he heard Roxanne speaking in a softer tone. “I called you a few times, but you didn’t answer your phone, so I sent you a text. Perhaps you missed it because you had your hands full,” he said innocently.

Roxanne felt guilty when Lucian pointed out the fact that she had been busy. “Oh! Is it? Let me check.” With that, she checked her unanswered message and call log on her phone.

True enough, she had received a few missed calls and a text from Lucian. Seeing that, Roxanne felt even more guilty. “Oh, you did! I was too busy and just saw your missed calls and text. I’m sorry for accusing you wrongly,” she said sheepishly.

Lucian’s eyes darkened. “It’s all right. I brought the kids to watch a movie. After this, I’ll send them home. If you’re tired, I can grab some food on the way back.” “That’s not necessary. I’m free, so I’ll cook and wait for you guys to come back,” Roxanne said apologetically.

Lucian grunted in acknowledgment. He was worried about leaving the kids in the movie hall, so he hung up the phone and went back in.

By then, the movie was finishing. The kids were so focused on the movie that they didn’t even realize Lucian had returned.

After the movie ended, Benny turned to Lucian and called out casually, “Daddy.” Lucian froze for a moment before regaining his senses.

With a smile, he said, “Okay. We should be heading back now. Your mommy is waiting.”

The kids were thrilled when they heard that Roxanne was waiting for them at home. We’ve been having fun the entire day, and we get to see Mommy and eat the food she makes when we go back!

That’s the best news we can get! Furthermore, we spent the entire day with Daddy!

The warmth in Lucian’s eyes was apparent when he saw how happy the kids were.

Lucian was most probably influenced by the kids’ mood because even he was feeling excited when they were on their way home

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