Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1482

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1482 – “Btch!” Meanwhile, in the mansion in the suburb, Aubree was reading the comments all over the internet.

A crazed look was on her face as she shrieked, “Bstards! I will never, ever, let you guys get away with this!” I was wrong about that man!

He said he knew me, so I thought he had nothing to do with Roxanne. But in hindsight, who else besides Roxanne would do something so wretched?

Besides that btch, who else would benefit from me becoming a joke? Roxanne must be taking her revenge on me! It has to be her!

Aubree wanted to kill Roxanne. Her gaze hardened with unparalleled hatred.

Anger clouded Aubree’s mind as she grabbed her handbag and stormed toward the door. The only thing on her mind was take revenge against

Just as she flung the door open, she was halted by her father. Samuel’s venomous glare burned into her skin. “Have you no shame?

How dare you still think about going out at a time like this? Do you think it’s not embarrassing enough?”

With each word he spoke, Samuel took another step closer to Aubree, closing the gap between them.

Traumatized by all his beatings, Aubree instinctively flinched and moved away at each step he took until she was backed to the wall.

“What’s with this photo? Which lowly man did you defile yourself with?” Samuel interrogated with a stern voice.

Fixating his scorching gaze on her, he commanded, “Tell him to get his ass here this instant!

I want him to take responsibility for what he has done to you!” When Aubree heard what Samuel said, she was so exasperated that she laughed.

“Who do you think took the photo? Do you think he’ll take responsibility if he didn’t think twice about uploading those photos online?

He wants me to be scorned by everyone! He wants everyone to think that I’m a promiscuous woman no one in their right mind will marry!”

Seeing the undisguised satire behind Aubree’s eyes, Samuel was so livid that his eyes turned bloodshot.

Without missing a beat, he slapped Aubree across the cheek, causing her to fall to the ground. “You wretch!

Don’t you know how to behave well for even one day?” Cupping her throbbing cheek with her hand, Aubree screamed to defend herself, “I’ve been framed! It’s all Roxanne’s fault!

That btch plotted against me! Why don’t you take it out on her instead? Samuel laid another heavy hand on her other cheek. “Shut the hell up!

How many times do I have to tell you not to provoke Roxanne? Why won’t you ever listen?”

Seeing her own father defending Roxanne, Aubree trembled in anger. “I didn’t provoke her! She provoked me first this time! Don’t you see that everyone online is scolding your own daughter? Are you blind?”

Samuel raised his hand, wanting to give Aubree another slap. Yet when he saw his handprints on her swollen cheeks, he clenched his fist and lowered his arm back to his side. His eyes were swirling with a mixture of disappointment as he looked at her.

“The Pearson family is in this situation because of you! Yet, you still don’t know how to repent from your ways and still blame everything on Roxanne!

Right now, you should be thinking about how to get Lucian to forgive you so that the Pearson family can hold our heads up in public again!”

Aubree’s face was etched with stubbornness. “Lucian is blaming us because of that btch!

As long as that wretched woman is gone, everything will be okay again!” Samuel was so enraged that he almost got a heart attack.

Leaning against the bedframe for support, he took a few deep breaths to calm himself down.

After a good few minutes, he straightened himself and pointed at the door. “Out. Out! Get lost!

From this day onward, whatever you do has nothing to do with the Pearson family!” Struggling onto her feet, Aubree shot him a glare.

“I will make that btch pay for what she has done! That’s a promise!” With that, she strode out the front door without turning back.

Samuel’s eyes darkened when he heard the front door being slammed. Staggering briefly before steadying himself, he heaved a heavy sigh.

Exhaustion and bitterness could be seen in his pained expression. He had put in so much effort for the Pearson family to be redeemed someday.

He had been holding onto the hope that the sun would shine on them again. Alas, everything is ruined now

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