Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1470

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1470 – Since Aubree only told her where to meet that night but didn’t give her a specific time, Ophelia could only
head there earlier to wait at the entrance.

It wasn’t until after eight o’clock that she finally saw Aubree. “It’s been a while,” Aubree began as she waltzed toward Ophelia while giving the woman a once-over.

When Aubree saw that Ophelia wasn’t doing any better than herself, relief washed over her as the smug gleam in her eyes intensified.

Seemingly unfazed, Ophelia took a sidelong glance at the bag in Aubree’s hand and smiled. “Indeed.

Seems like you’re the same as always and haven’t changed at all.” What she said was the truth. Aubree was dressed to the nines, carrying a bag costing hundreds of thousands that she wouldn’t mind giving away.

If Aubree hadn’t told her about the dire situation in the Pearson family, Ophelia would have never guessed the woman was now living a miserable life.

Hearing the compliment, Aubree curled her lips in satisfaction and handed the bag to Ophelia before saying, “Here you go.

It’s the gift I promised you. I only used the bag two or three times, so it’s almost brand new.” Ophelia’s eyes lit up as she took the bag carefully.

Soon after, the two women went into a bar with Aubree in the lead. After booking a booth in the corner, they ordered two bottles of wine.

Upon settling down, the two started drinking while chatting. “You did well this time. Have you tied up all the loose ends?”

Aubree asked, her tone tinged with concern. Ophelia flashed a smile. “Don’t worry. I made sure not to leave any traces.

Jeffrey didn’t notice anything wrong, and he simply thought that it was the little bstard himself who was careless.” “That’s good to hear.”

Aubree instantly felt more at ease. Subsequently, a cold gleam settled in her eyes, and she added, “But doing this one time won’t be enough to alleviate the hatred in my heart!

” In her mind, Benny’s fall injury was just the tip of the iceberg of her revenge plan. She would need a lot more to finally feel satisfied.

In fact, it would be for the best if those brats could suffer more. Only then will Roxanne be able to experience what it’s like to live in despair.

Seeing how infuriated she was, Ophelia reassured her, “As long as I am still working in the kindergarten, there will still be a chance to make a move.

I was too hasty this time, but I’ll definitely make those bstards pay the next time.” Aubree raised her head to observe Ophelia when she heard those words and noticed that the latter was filled with as much hatred as she was.

Pleased with what she saw, she filled up a glass of wine and passed it over to Ophelia. “I only have you to help me now. Don’t worry.

I’ll remember everything you did for me, and as for the position I promised you at Pearson Group, I’ll keep that in mind as well.

The moment the Pearson family makes a comeback, you shall become my right-hand woman!”

Seeing how confident Aubree was and the fact that she was still looking as glamorous as always, Ophelia became certain that the Pearson family was simply having a stroke of bad luck.

Filled with the hope that Aubree would make good on her promises, Ophelia raised her glass in a toast.

As they drank, they discussed what they would do with the three little brats. When they came out of the bar, Ophelia was no longer able to stand

Even so, she still gave her word to Aubree, promising, “I’ll definitely help you. I’ll put those three b*stards and that wench in their rightful places.”

Seeing how the woman was still declaring her loyalty to her when drunk, a disdainful glint flashed across Aubree’s eyes.

The only reason I helped her back then was because it didn’t cost me anything. I never would have guessed that I would obtain such an obedient dog in the process. Regardless, all that money I spent on her was wasted as she’s still as gullible as ever.

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