Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 147

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 147 – Heartache

Lucian assumed that Roxanne was angry because the children were upset. Thus, he promised in an apologetic tone, “I didn’t know that before. Now that I do, you can rest assured that I won’t mention this in front of them again.”

After glancing at the children, who were playing Lego, Roxanne suddenly felt what a close shave it was for Lucian to talk to the boys about their father.

With nothing else to say to him, she hinted for him to leave. “It’s getting late, Mr. Farwell. Why don’t you head home first? Thank you for taking the trouble to pick the kids up on my behalf today.”

After a brief hesitation, Lucian nodded before leaving.

On the journey home, he felt extremely unsettled but couldn’t put a finger on what it was.

When he arrived, he removed his tie in frustration and sat on the couch for a while. Even then, he continued to feel disturbed.

Subsequently, he brought out a bottle of wine from the cabinet, sitting by the window to drink alone.

After two glasses, images of what happened at dinner gradually emerged in his mind.

The children were giving him angry yet pitiful looks while demanding to know why he didn’t like them.

With their faces and tone in his mind, Lucian couldn’t help but feel a piercing pain in his heart.

After Lucian was gone, Roxanne played with the children for a while before sending them to bed.

Having tucked Estella in, Roxanne pondered a moment before knocking on the boys’ door.

Meanwhile, both of them were unable to sleep as they were still disturbed by the event earlier.

“Mommy, what is it?” Archie asked curiously when he opened the door and saw her.

Roxanne tousled his hair. “I just want to have a talk with both of you. Let’s go inside.”

Archie nodded before climbing back up to bed. He looked exceptionally adorable in his cow-print pajamas while his loose fringes billowed in front of his eyes.

As her heart softened, Roxanne closed the door and settled down by the bedside. She asked softly, “Did Mr. Farwell ask you about your daddy during dinner?”

The boys nodded in unison.

Archie added in his squeaky voice, “We told him that we don’t have a daddy and also the fact that we dislike our daddy.”

Roxanne felt her heart clam up in response. She could sense a faint sadness in the boy’s tone.

After all, she had kept their family origins from them and told them that they didn’t have a father.

However, if I were to tell them the man they had dinner with was their daddy, how would they react?

“Boys… Do you feel that you’re different from other children? Have you ever thought of wanting a daddy?” Roxanne asked after a momentary pause.
The boys shook their heads. “No.”

Roxanne’s brows knitted slightly. “But…” They’re clearly saddened by the events of the evening.

With each of them holding one of her arms, they put on a serious expression. “Even though we don’t have a daddy, we still have you, and you are the best mommy in the whole wide world! No one can compare to you, so we’re the envy of all our friends!”

As if to prove a point, Benny gave Roxanne an earnest look. “Although Essie has a daddy, she still prefers you because you’re the best. Therefore, we don’t need a daddy at all!”

Roxanne was both touched and heartbroken at the same time. Hugging the children in a tight embrace, she didn’t say a word for a long time.

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