Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 135

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 135 – Not Letting Her Into The Family At that, Sonya frowned. “Aubree, what are you talking about? It’s impossible
for Lucian to be with Roxanne anymore.

I’ve asked him about this before, and he told me that he’s not thinking of getting back together with her, so don’t overthink it.”
Still, Aubree continued to sob. “But Essie is with Roxanne all day long now. In fact, she’s living at Roxanne’s place.

Essie likes her so much. If Lucian isn’t planning to be with her anymore, why would he have her take care of Essie?”
Although Lucian had berated her about it, she still kept sending people to spy on Roxanne.

The moment she found out that Estella was staying at Roxanne’s place, Aubree panicked. That was why she told her parents everything. After getting
scolded by them, she was then brought over to apologize to Sonya and Elias.

Then, when she heard Sonya forgiving her, she could not help but complain to her. Sonya never thought that Lucian would let that woman take care of Estella. She instantly fumed, “This is ridiculous! Who told him to do this?”Then, she forced her anger aside and consoled Aubree.

“Don’t worry. There’s no way they’ll be together again. Even if Lucian wants to do that, I won’t let that woman come back here!” Aubree shifted her doe eyes to Sonya to make sure that Sonya was serious about her words. Sonya uttered grimly, “That woman gave up on Essie herself back then.

There’s no way I’m going to let her take care of Essie again!” A tiny sliver of confidence finally crept into Aubree’s heart at her promise.
The few of them then chatted for a while longer before Gina led Aubree away.

They had gotten Sonya’s promise, so they had achieved what they had come for. All that was needed was a few drops of tears from Aubree. Not only did
Sonya not blame her for hitting the child, but she even felt that she had wronged Aubree.

In addition to that, she even promised not to let Roxanne into the family. In other words, they had hit two birds with one stone.
Sonya could not sleep almost the entire night because of Aubree’s words.

Consoling Aubree was not the only reason she had told Aubree that she was not going to let Roxanne into the family. It was also because she genuinely
hated that ruthless woman. That ruthless woman was capable of abandoning Lucian and Estella once, so Sonya was sure that she would do it again.

I have no idea what my son’s thinking about. I can’t believe he’s actually honking of having her marry into the family again. The more Sonya thought about it, the angrier she became. That night, she sent men to find out where Roxanne was living, planning to visit her the next day.

By the time Roxanne woke the next morning, Catalina had already made breakfast. Just as she was eating breakfast with the three children, someone
rang the doorbell. Roxanne then asked Catalina to take care of the children as she went to open the door.

originally, she thought that Lucian had come to pick them up for kindergarten, but she was dumbfounded by the person outside upon opening
the door. “What’s the matter? Do you not recognize me anymore?” Sonya was dressed to her nines by the doorway.

The older woman looked at Roxanne from head to toe coldly before her eyes flicked to the inside of the house, wanting to find
out if Estella really was at Roxanne’s place. Roxanne snapped back to her senses. Although she did not know why Sonya was there,

she knew that the other woman must not have come for a friendly visit. She was wary, but she still politely greeted, “Mrs. Farwell.”
Sonya inclined her head a little before shooting her a displeased glare. “Is this the manners you have?

You let your guests stand by the doorway?” Roxanne knitted her brows and forced down the rising emotions in her as
she stepped aside. “Please come in.” Sonya scoffed and strode in. She headed straight to the living room’s couch and sat down.

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