Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 128

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 128 – Make Sure No One Bullies Her

The teacher at the kindergarten felt both happy and awkward when all five of them showed up together. “Ms. Jarvis…” Although it was Aubree who demanded the expulsion of Archie and Benny, Pippa still felt bad about it and wanted to apologize.

“Looks like I’ll be placing Archie and Benny in your care again!” Roxanne cut her off with a smile. Pippa nodded profusely. “Of course! They are both very obedient children, so taking care of them is truly a pleasure!” Roxanne nodded. “Also, Essie seems to be acting a little strange lately.

She doesn’t really talk to people much, so please keep a close eye on her.” Fearing that Estella would feel hurt if she heard about her autism, Roxanne
chose to not mention it directly. Pippa nodded and reassured her that she would take good care of them.

Archie and Benny too, each held one of Estella’s hands as they said, “We’ll help look after Essie too!
We won’t let anyone bully her!” Roxanne simply patted them on the head with a smile.

Pippa was preparing to bring the kids inside for class when she saw Roxanne still standing there with Lucian behind her.
His icy-cold gaze sent a shiver down her spine. “I-Is there anything else I can help you two with?”

“I’m just a little worried about them. Would it be okay if I watch them for a bit while you teach?” Roxanne said with a smile.
Pippa didn’t dare say no with Lucian around, so she had no choice but to let them into the classroom as well.

Roxanne sat down in a corner and felt a strange sensation deep down inside when Lucian sat down beside her, but decided to keep her feelings to herself. Just like that, the two of them sat there in a corner and watched the kids play games in class.

In order to help improve Estella’s mood, Pippa even arranged for her to be in the middle of the group. With Archie and Benny acting as examples, the
other kids took turns interacting with her as well. However, Estella simply kept her head low and showed no response whatsoever.

It didn’t take long before her behavior started to affect the mood of the other kids as well, much to Roxanne’s dismay. She had assumed that having Estella return to a familiar environment would help with her emotions somewhat, but it didn’t seem to work at all.

Although Estella still didn’t respond much, she seemed to have grown attached to Archie and Benny after a few games. Not only did she follow
them around all the time, but she would also show some response whenever they played with her.

Roxanne was still a little worried even after observing them for about an hour, but it was time for her to head over to the research institute.
Lucian too, left shortly after she excused herself.

After spending an entire afternoon at the research institute, Roxanne saw that it was time to pick up the kids from kindergarten and quickly rushed over.
To her surprise, Lucian was already waiting there by the time she arrived.

Oh? Looks like he’s planning on sending the kids to and back from kindergarten… With that in mind, Roxanne greeted him and waited for Pippa to bring the kids out the door. It wasn’t long before class was over, and the kids walked through the door in a straight line.

Archie and Benny could be seen escorting Estella on both sides as they came out. After the five of them got into Lucian’s car, Benny kept tugging at Roxanne’s sleeve with a huge smile on his face. Unsure of why he was grinning from ear to ear, Roxanne flashed him a confused look in response.

“Essie seemed to have a bad dream after waking up from our afternoon nap today! She kept crying even though Ms. Ward and the other kids tried to
comfort her. In the end, Archie and I were the ones who calmed her down! Do you think she knows us, Mommy?”

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