Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 118

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 118 – Not Her Child

Roxanne found his words humorous.

She could still clearly remember how the man had sworn that he would not marry anyone else but Aubree six years ago. He had even treated her coldly
because she had taken Aubree’s place.

Yet, now that six years had passed, he was separating himself from that woman.

Roxanne wondered how Aubree would feel if she were to hear what Lucian had said.

Nonetheless, regardless of the truth, the head of kindergarten had still received the latter’s orders. Besides, Roxanne had already made up her
mind to draw a clear line between her and Lucian.

If something like this could happen once, there was a possibility for a second occurrence. She didn’t want her children to get hurt even when they were

Having thought of that, Roxanne gathered her emotions, not wanting to obsess over this issue anymore. “I’ve already listened to your explanation. If
there is nothing else, I will be leaving now,” she said apathetically.

With that said, she turned to leave.

She didn’t want to stay any longer in this haunted house. Now that she was in a more reasonable state of mind, she was sure that she would be able to
find the exit quickly. I can wait for Madilyn and the boys once I’m outside.

The woman had only just turned around when the man grabbed her wrist.

Roxanne halted her steps and turned back to ask icily, “What else do you want, Mr. Farwell?”

Pausing for a moment, Lucian decided to come clean. “I need your help with something.”
At his words, she bit her lower lip in disdain.

I knew it. If he didn’t need my help, why would he work so hard to find me? “You know that Essie had made a fuss when she didn’t see Archie and
Benny at the kindergarten the last time. Now that she found out that they aren’t going to kindergarten anymore, she made an even bigger fuss.

Her autism was triggered when she saw you leave this morning, and she locked herself up. Nothing works no matter what we say. Her psychologist said that it might work if you came, so I’d like you to follow me back.”

Lucian’s expression was grim, and he did not loosen his grip on her wrist, seemingly afraid that she would leave just like that.

Roxanne was briefly stunned at his words.

I can’t believe Estella’s condition is so bad that they even need to hire a psychologist. Based on his words, it seems like even the psychologist can’t
do anything about it.

What’s more, she’s only like this because of Archie and Benny…

I didn’t know that they’re so important to her.

She started to falter at the thought of Estella’s teary face the last time she went to look for them.

However, she remembered that she was Aubree’s daughter, and a determined glint flashed across her eyes.

“You’ve been saying that Archie and Benny getting expelled was all because of Aubree, Mr. Farwell. Why do you think I would help you? She has been
bullying my children like that, so why should I help her daughter?

Do you think I’m a saint?” Roxanne questioned coldly after she snapped back to her senses.

Then, she struggled to free herself from Lucian’s grip.

The man tightened his grip on her, a hint of bewilderment written on his face.

Seeing the look on his face, Roxanne frowned in puzzlement.

Lucian snapped out of it a moment later and narrowed his eyes. His voice was cold as he asked, “What do you mean? Did you think that Essie is
Aubree’s daughter?”

The woman thought that he was about to drag her away forcefully and was prepared to attack him. Yet, she was taken aback by his question.

In an instant, she felt a tug at her heartstrings. Nonetheless, she pretended to be calm and replied with a question, “Is she not?”

Besides Aubree, she couldn’t think of any other woman.

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