Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 116

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 116 – Into His Arms

Everything was pitch black the moment they stepped foot into the haunted house. Roxanne held tightly onto the children’s hands while Madilyn led the
way in front of them.

Archie and Benny snickered silently. They had never expected their mother to be so afraid of ghosts.

But she’ll probably forget about whatever’s been bothering her after getting scared here, right?

With the plan in mind, both of them decided to not tell her that their hands hurt from being held so tightly and dragged her along.

The longer they walked, the more frightened Roxanne felt.

She had been afraid of things like this since she was young. Even though she knew that ghosts weren’t real, with the music and lights setting off the
mood, she couldn’t help but feel terrified.

It was especially so when she didn’t know when the NPCs would appear.

The three people walking in front of her had been saying that they were going to console her. Yet, it seemed like they were not talking on purpose,
making her more and more terrified. She wanted so much to just turn around and leave.

However, at the thought of what Archie had said earlier, Roxanne braved it and continued walking ahead because she wanted to be the children’s role

Just as she was feeling restless, a pair of stiff legs appeared before her eyes.

The woman froze upon seeing that, but she subconsciously looked up.

Under the dim lights, a pale face with its tongue out hovered before her face.

“Ah…” At the sight of this, Roxanne felt as though her heart was about to jump out of her chest. She couldn’t even make a sound out of shock.

It was already too late by the time Archie and Benny realized that something was wrong with their mother.

The woman flung her hands away from them and ran in the direction they came from.

It’s too terrifying. I want to leave!

“Mommy!” The children were stunned by her reaction. Nonetheless, they quickly chased after her once they snapped back to their senses.

Madilyn turned around and saw the hanging ghost that had appeared some time ago. She couldn’t help but feel exasperated seeing this.

The NPC had appeared at such perfect timing. It wasn’t there when she and the children walked over. Yet, it had appeared right in front of Roxanne.

The three of them went after the woman hastily. However, she was nowhere to be seen after taking two turns.

At that moment, Madilyn, Archie, and Benny couldn’t help but worry.

They knew how much Roxanne feared these things. They only wanted to take her mind off of things when they brought her in here.

No one had expected something like this to happen.

She would have been shocked to the core if she ended up encountering a horrifying part of the haunted house alone.

“It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have insisted that Mommy come in here,” Benny mumbled guiltily.

Madilyn didn’t know what to say to console him at that point.

Taking a look around, Archie took his brother’s hand and said, “This is not the time to be blaming yourself. Let’s look for Mommy now. If we really can’t find
her, we can go to the employees here for help.”

At that, they started to look for Roxanne in the haunted house.

Meanwhile, the woman was clueless about their worries. Fear had taken over her, and all she could think of at that moment was the stiff legs and the
NPC’s pale face. She had even forgotten about the three’s existence as all she wanted was to leave the place.

Roxanne ran around the haunted house for a long time, but she was still unable to find the exit. She couldn’t stop herself from feeling despair, and she
started to mumble while running, “Please don’t scare me… Please…”

Suddenly, while in the dark, she bumped into someone’s firm chest.

The woman’s body stiffened, and she let out a scream a moment later. Her mind had already gone blank.

The four of them were nowhere in sight by the time Lucian and his assistant entered the haunted house. It turned out that they had gone through different
entrances. Both of them spent so much time looking for them but to no avail.

Just as he was starting to feel frustrated, someone fell right into his arms.

Right when he was about to push the person away, he heard the scream coming from the person. He paused instantly and started to take the person
into his arms.

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