Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 112

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 112 – I Will Not Keep Annoying You

After learning the truth, the two of them bid goodbye to Madilyn and trotted home sadly. Madilyn didn’t know she could be won over so easily. When she saw how disappointed the two kids were, she hurriedly applied for a leave from work and went over to accompany them.

Archie and Benny were completely down. All this time, they had been under the impression that their father probably didn’t really hate them.
Now that they knew he had expelled them from school, they realized that he did actually hate their guts.

Benny couldn’t help but tear up at the thought, and his small hands clutched at the couch cover nervously, his small mouth pressed into a straight line.
Archie was also extremely disappointed, but he was slightly calmer compared to his brother.

When he saw the tears in Benny’s eyes, he began to comfort his brother. “Don’t cry over that bad man. If he doesn’t like us, then we shouldn’t like him
either. Besides, Mommy doesn’t seem like she wants us to know about it, so let’s pretend like we don’t know, okay? Let’s not make her worry.

Benny sniffed and nodded silently. Meanwhile, Roxanne had just finished up at the kindergarten when she bumped into Lucian, who was sending Estella to school. Estella looked as if she was in another mood and was pouting, barely letting her father drag her to school.

When their eyes met, Estella’s gaze lit up as if she were excited about something. Roxanne’s heart lifted for a second but dropped again at the sight of the man next to the child. The two of them quickly approached her.

Estella tugged at Roxanne’s skirt lightly as she looked up at the latter with watery eyes, as if waiting for her to say something. Roxanne fell silent before stepping back slightly, removing her skirt from Estella’s grip.

“Archie and Benny won’t be coming here anymore, so you should take care of yourself, okay? You can make friends with the other kids.” She saw the light in Estella’s eyes slowly fading off as she spoke and Roxanne looked away, trying her best to sound calm. “I have to go to work.

Goodbye.” After that, she walked past them and was about to go back to her car when a large hand grabbed her wrist. Roxanne stopped abruptly and turned back, meeting his gaze dully. “Is there something you need, Mr. Farwell?” Lucian frowned. “Expelling the boys was not my idea.

This is a misunderstanding.” 2/27/23, 9:56 PM Read Leaving The Country After Divorce Roxanne scoffed at that. “I can’t believe you’re still trying to defend yourself now, Mr. Farwell. I’m willing to hear your excuses, though. Who’s the lucky one you chose to frame this time?”

Lucian didn’t seem annoyed at her tone and said in a deep voice, “I asked Cayden to look into it. This is all because of Aubree. Because of what I said
previously, the head of kindergarten was under the assumption that I was okay with it.”

Lucian trailed off, full of regret about what he had said. He had never felt so much regret in his life than the moment he learned
about the reason behind the kids’ expulsion. If he hadn’t said that before, then the head of kindergarten wouldn’t have misunderstood.

He wanted to salvage the situation, so he had personally made a trip here today. Unexpectedly, he had bumped into Roxanne. Roxanne’s expression became even more scornful at his explanation. “Aubree? So basically it was your idea too, right?

Who in Horington still doesn’t know about the marriage between the Pearson family and the Farwell family? Aren’t you afraid she’ll feel bad after hearing how desperately you’re trying to clear boundaries with her right now?” She pulled her wrist out of the man’s grasp and said coldly,

“Don’t worry, Mr. Farwell. I’m not shameless, and I won’t annoy you anymore, so you don’t have to explain anything to me.”
After that, she walked off without looking back. A dark cloud formed over Lucian’s expression as he watched her leave.

Estella began crying uncontrollably after standing in shock for a few seconds. She tossed her father’s hand aside and started to run after Roxanne’s car.
She had a feeling that she might not see Roxanne again after this.

Estella felt immense panic at the thought and she didn’t know what to do. In her panic, she tripped over a rock on the ground and fell.

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