Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 11

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 11 – In the middle of the night, Lucian tiptoed into Estella’s room in the Farwell residence and tucked her in.

He watched the little girl sleeping soundly in bed for quite a while before he turned and stepped out of the room.

The moment he came out of the room, Cayden stepped forward to update him, “Mr. Farwell, I’ve dropped by the restaurant to investigate the matter.
However, I didn’t discover anything as the surveillance cameras there were broken.” “So coincidentally?”

Hearing that, Lucian knitted his brows. The moment my suspicion was piqued, the surveillance cameras were broken as well? Looking troubled,
Cayden replied hesitantly, “It could be mere coincidence.

After all, we haven’t received any news about Mrs. Farwell- I mean, Ms. Jarvis, since she left years ago. I don’t think she’d appear out of the blue in this city.”
Right after he said that, he noticed his boss’s expression darkening.

Cayden’s heart skipped a beat. He cast his head down and dared not utter anything more. “I got it,” Lucian responded ambiguously before he turned and headed toward his room. The following morning, after breakfast, Roxanne took her two boys to the premium kindergarten recommended by Madilyn.

As someone of high efficiency, Roxanne had stayed up late to sort things out after finalizing her option for the kindergarten the night before.
She planned to enroll them in it right away. As notified by Madilyn, the entry requirements for the particular kindergarten were relatively strict.

All the students there were from wealthy and prominent families. On top of that, the kindergarten was stringent in screening their students’ parents.
Right after Roxanne reached the office of the head of the kindergarten, she

was requested to provide the details of her occupation and net worth with related documentation. Fortunately, she had made the necessary preparation,
as reminded by Madilyn earlier.

Even though Roxanne was neither a CEO nor a director, she had made a lot of money over the past few years with her expertise in the medical field.
Thus, her net worth was a lot higher than the kindergarten’s minimum requirement.

After going through her documentation, the head of the kindergarten uttered courteously. “Ms. Jarvis, I’ll proceed to enroll your kids now.
Could you please sign here?” Roxanne placed her signature on the document as requested.

Shortly after, the head of the kindergarten summoned a teacher with a pleasant look. She instructed the latter to lead the two boys to their classroom
so they could familiarize themselves with the environment and their classmates.

The two boys waved at Roxanne nonchalantly and walked away with the teacher. Roxanne retracted her gaze after their figures were out of sight.
Then, she nodded at the head of the kindergarten and left. Unlike the other parents, she had nothing to worry about when it came to her two boys.

She had started bringing them along to the research institute years ago. In other words, they were not easily shy as they had gotten used to mingling with
others and could adapt to the environment well. Apart from that, the syllabus in the kindergarten was a piece of cake for the two little geniuses.

Instead of being bullied by the other kids in the kindergarten, Roxanne was even more worried that her two boys would pick on the others.

After all, almost all the talented members of the research institute had fallen victim to their tricks before.

On the other hand, the two boys looked around curiously along the way as their teacher led them to their classroom.

The moment they stepped into it, their teacher introduced them gently to the other kids.

“Everyone, they’re our newly joined classmates. Put your hands together to welcome them, okay?”

All the other kids stared at the two boys with intrigue. Meanwhile, the duo also introduced themselves graciously.

Their adorable looks and cheerfulness were indeed irresistible to the other kids. After their introduction, everyone applauded excitedly.

Benny scanned one round before someone among the kids caught his eye.

Pulling the hem of Archie’s shirt, he whispered to the latter, “Archie, look! Isn’t that our paternal sister? She’s in the same class as us!”

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