Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 109

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 109 – Please Let My Children Go

Roxanne picked her kids up after walking out of the office. “I’m still a little busy, so why don’t I get Aunt Madilyn to accompany you two
for a bit?” Roxanne suppressed her anger and asked the two kids with a smile.

The two of them didn’t think too much of it and nodded obediently, assuming she was busy with work. Roxanne handed them over to her best friend and returned to the car, her expression souring once again. She immediately drove off to the Farwell residence.

“Hello, Ms. Jarvis,” Catalina greeted. She was about to say more when she noticed the look on Roxanne’s face, causing her to swallow her words.
Roxanne nodded at her briefly and turned to the living room. “Is Lucian here? I’d like to speak to him.”

Catalina nodded quickly. “Yes, he is. I’ll go upstairs and call him.” Soon after, she came downstairs with Lucian following behind her and Estella tottering
down behind both of them.

Lucian still didn’t trust Estella with his parents and had waited at the kindergarten gates before they opened so that he could pick her up early.
Estella’s mood had clearly improved since she didn’t need to see that mean woman.

Now that she saw that Roxanne was here, her gaze was simply sparkling with admiration, and she ran toward her with her arms out. Roxanne’s heart softened momentarily at the sight of the child, and she caressed her head. “I have something to talk to your daddy about.

Go over there and play on your own for a little, alright?” Estella nodded and began playing with her doll on the carpet next to the couch.
Lucian frowned. “What do you want?” Roxanne’s long-suppressed anger exploded at the sound of his voice.

“Lucian, if you have a problem with me, then take it out on me. Why are you doing this to Archie and Benny? What did they ever do to you? They’ve
always been so respectful of you, and they took such good care of your daughter. You have no reason to bully two kids, even on behalf of Estella.”

Lucian didn’t expect Roxanne’s sudden visit, much less her sudden outburst. He frowned even more deeply at her accusations. “What did I do to the two
of them?” Roxanne smirked coldly at his confusion. “Who are you trying to fool?

Who else has the power to expel people from the kindergarten? Stop trying to act innocent. It won’t work on me.” Lucian stiffened in shock and immediately started to explain, “I did talk to the head of kindergarten before, but that already—”

Roxanne didn’t even let him finish his sentence before she bellowed angrily, “Don’t you think you’re going a little bit overboard? No matter what happened in the past, it should stay between us. Just come at me instead! I won’t say no to that, but the kids are innocent.

They don’t know anything. Why are you doing this to them?” She dug her fingernails into her palm in an attempt to calm herself down.
Trying her best to stop her voice from wavering, she continued, “Yes, I shouldn’t have done that in the past.

That was my fault, so feel free to get revenge on me for that. But please, can’t you find it in your generous, generous heart to forgive my kids?” She looked down after that, feeling her eyes start to water from frustration.

The head of kindergarten had been right. It wasn’t hard for her to find another kindergarten for the kids, but that was only if Lucian didn’t interfere.
If he wasn’t willing to let either of them go, then she couldn’t do anything no matter how much power she had.

She scoffed at herself with that thought in mind. She thought that Lucian and she had been on decent terms recently. Even though they hadn’t become best friends overnight or anything, they were still courteous with each other and had seemed to leave everything behind them.

Disappointingly, those feelings had been completely one-sided on her part. Apparently Lucian still only saw her as a menace.
Lucian’s heart clenched at the sight of the person in front of him acting all stubborn but still letting how wronged she was feeling show through.

He actually felt at a loss for words. He even began to feel bad about even bringing the matter up to the head of kindergarten.

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