Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 102

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 102 – She Will Not Get To Meet Essie

That afternoon, Aubree and Gina met Sonya at a café. They were already waiting at a table by the window when Sonya arrived.
“Sorry you had to wait,” Sonya apologized as she sat across from them.

Aubree’s lips curled into a gentle smile. “We’ve just arrived. Here, take a seat. I’ve ordered some desserts. I hope they are to your liking.”
She then gestured for the server to serve their food. Soon, a few delicate desserts were served.

Sonya flashed a satisfied grin. “Oh, how nice of you, Aubree. You still remember that I like sweet food. Lucian isn’t as thoughtful as you.”They
chatted for a while before Gina casually mentioned Roxanne’s existence.

“By the way, Aubree visited Old Mr. Queen a few days ago and bumped into the woman who divorced Lucian six years ago. When did she come back?
Do you know about this?” Sonya’s smile slipped. “Roxanne? Roxanne Jarvis? How dare she show up here?

I wouldn’t have known if you didn’t tell me about it!” Back then, Roxanne left the divorce agreement behind and left without
saying goodbye. A year later, Estella was sent back to their family without a guardian.

Sonya was furious whenever she recalled the past. How dare Roxanne come back to Chania? Gina feigned surprise. “Didn’t you know? Aubree saw Lucian there, too. Heseemed to be on friendly terms with that woman. I thought you wanted her to come back so she can take care of Essie.”

Sonya frowned in displeasure. “The nerve of her! If I knew about this, I wouldn’t have allowed her to even meet Essie!” Roxanne left the country stubbornly and was heartless enough to abandon her daughter. I’ll never let someone as cruel as her come any closer to Essie!

Gina and Aubree had seen that coming. Aubree shot her a placating smile. “Mrs. Farwell, calm down. Perhaps Lucian doesn’t think that way.” She lowered her gaze in dejection as her smile became forced. Sonya’s fury increased. “What’s wrong? Did Lucian bully you?”

Aubree merely shot her mother a conflicted look. Gina broke the silence. “I’ll be frank with you. Lucian didn’t show up when we had a meal together. I told Aubree to invite him over, but he seemed to insinuate that he wanted to break off the engagement with her. Aubree didn’t tell me anything.

If I hadn’t realized she seemed dispirited and urged her to tell me the truth, she would’ve kept it a secret until now!” Whipping her head around, she glared at Aubree before turning back to look at Sonya. “I asked you out to confirm the matter.

If you’re planning on asking that woman to return to the Farwell family, I’ll ask Aubree to give up now.”
Aubree hung her head low, appearing utterly crestfallen. She didn’t utter a word.

That was the first Sonya had ever heard of it. Her gaze turned dark. “Did Lucian say that for real?” Both Gina and Aubree said nothing. It was a silent acquiescent. “Got it.” Sonya grabbed her bag and rose to her feet. “Don’t worry, Aubree.

We’ve come to an agreement, so you’ll be my daughter-in-law. I won’t agree if Lucian insists on marrying someone else! There’s no way I’ll allow him to
remarry Roxanne.” Aubree shot her a doleful look. Sonya felt bad for her. “Don’t be afraid. I’ll head back home to deal with the matter right away.”

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