Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 94

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 94 – Serenity fell into contemplation before agreeing to let Zachary come with.

Walking around the cash register, Serenity told her best friend, “I’m heading out for a while, Jasmine.
I’ll leave the shop in your hands. Reassure my sister that everything’s going to be okay when she comes over.
I’ll sort things out.” “Okay.”

After telling her best friend to be safe, Jasmine watched as Serenity and Zachary took off.
Sitting in Zachary’s car, Serenity asked him, “Mr.York, do you know anyone in the media?” “Yes.

Do you need their help with something?” Serenity replied, “I’m going back to my hometown to
take photos of my uncles’ houses. It’ll be more convincing with a third party validating it.
I still don’t know what my relatives do for a living.”

Her grandparents were still hogging her family home too. Serenity intended to snap photos of their living conditions.
A visual proof was crucial to disapprove their claims. As for the public witch hunt online, Serenity was not
going to go into that for now.

She should let sparks fly for a moment. With online trolls taking the lead, the netizens tore into the sisters like never
before. Once the finger-pointing was reversed , the netizens would realize they were used and unleash their fury on the Hunts.
Serenity was only paying back an eye for an eye.

“I got some friends to dig into your relatives’ jobs and incomes.You can write about what happened
once you get pictures of their houses. I can find someone to write for you if you need help in that department.”

“Thank you.That won’t be necessary because I won’t be posting a tweet. My sister had the habit of keeping a diary
and accounting for what happened. She still has the diary, so I’m going to take photos of her entries to put online for
everyone to see.

“My grandparents signed a contract with us when they took a share of the insurance money.
There are three copies of the contract.The town council and my relatives each hold a copy while
my sister and I have one. I’ll share the contract on the web too.

“The truth will prevail and justice will be served.” Serenity was completely unfazed. “It’ll be more convincing
if the town council tweets their copy.” “My sister and I have been away for a long time.

The town council won’t help me, considering we don’t live there. Granddad mentioned that John is doing
well for himself and earns an annual income of a million.The whole town is one big family.
I’m sure the town council will be on their side since they’re affluent there.”

Zachary quietly navigated the road. He knew Serenity had a point. “My sister’s diary and the contract in our possession should be enough.”
Zachary remained silent. He decided to wait until he got to a rest area to give Josh a call.

He needed Josh to get the community’s seniors and the people from back then to speak
up for Serenity. Josh was more than capable of making it happen without being there.

Poor Josh would be speechless to hear about this. However, it was not an overkill to get Josh involved as
Zachary was more wellversed in the dark nature of human beings than Serenity. The evidence Serenity
intended to provide could very well be used against her.

It was hard for the sisters to walk away from the scandal should the Hunts question the authenticity of the contract.
The key for the sisters to turn the tide was to get the insiders to speak up and prove the Hunts did Liberty and Serenity dirty.

The few people from the media who adopted Mike’s story could expect to be banned from journalism forever!
Those who laid hands on his woman were challenging his authority. Zachary was not going to let these people
who twisted stories and slandered the innocent walk free.

“Thank you, Mr. York.” Serenity had no idea the man beside her planned to unleash his wrath on the people involved.
She was just grateful that Zachary was here for her during her most vulnerable time. Zachary uttered solemnly,
“We’re husband and wife.”

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