Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 86

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 86 – Josh was holding a small stack of paper which could easily be mistaken for
office documents.

“Here you go.” After slipping the papers to Zachary across his desk, Josh took a seat and put his breakfast on the table.
He asked his boss, “Do you want some? I got my food delivered from the Wilt spoon Hotel.

It’s delicious.” Since Wilt spoon Hotel operated under York Corporation, Zachary usually grabbed his breakfast, lunch, and dinner there.
Now that Zachary had a wife, it had been a while since Josh dined with his boss.

Josh kind of missed those moments. “I’m good.” Picking up the file, Zachary flipped through and asked,” Is everything here?”
“Yeah.It’s all there.No stone is left unturned.” “It’s not a lot.”

“The younger members of the family have it pretty good while the seniors spent their lives on the farm. What more can there be?” Zachary was without a word. As mentioned by Josh, there was nothing much to write about the seniors,

albeit the info on the younger family members did take up a few pages. Josh included age, marital status, and number of children in each relative’s
profile to occupy more pages in the file.

Having read the file, Zachary had a deeper understanding of the family’s insolence and brazenness. Serenity’s cousins and uncles made quite a good living. John Hunt worked in a subsidiary of Stone Group as an executive, earning himself an annual income of a million.

The least successful cousin enjoyed a nice annual wage of four hundred thousand bucks. Serenity and her sister probably did not earn that much altogether. The relatives had the nerve to demand Serenity to foot her grandmother’s medical bills and their gas for traveling It was utter shamelessness on a whole
new level!

The relatives walked away aggressively with a huge chunk of the insurance payout, taking advantage of the underaged sisters who lost their
parents so suddenly. Now, they were making Serenity pay for the medical bills.

Zachary was aware that all kinds of people existed in the world, but he had never come across those without a hint of compassion like
her relatives. Caught in the moment, Zachary felt sorry for Serenity. “Why do you look upset? Did they do something to your missus?

Do you want me to teach them a lesson?” Zachary callously responded, “My wife’s affairs are not your problem.” Josh blinked his eyes.
He sensed jealousy in Zachary’s tone, but it could be all in his head. “I mean no harm.

I thought you might want a little help since you’re busy. Say the word, and I’ll get it done.” “Just hold.”
“Oh.” Josh blinked again. By that, Zachary was not asking Josh to hold for his orders, but to lie low until
the Hunts made a move.

He could only return fire once he laid eyes from whence the direction of the attack. Mike, the oldest grandson of the Hunts, was acquainted with people in the
press. Zachary had a feeling that Mike was likely going to pull the sisters into a media shh*storm as form of emotional blackmail.

“Boss.” “Speak.” “What did your missus make for breakfast today?” Josh asked nosily. “Don’t give me that look. I’m just curious how you two are getting
along. Besides, the marriage happened all of a sudden. It’s not like you married for love. Oh, and you didn’t make your marriage public either.

“Would you say hello to your wife if you bump into her on the streets? Or would you play dumb?” Zachary blurted coldly, “Why don’t you just go back to eating
your breakfast?” Josh chuckled. Fine. Zachary could have it his way.

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