Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 82

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 82 –  Hank was livid and tempted to use force.

To his surprise, Liberty suddenly turned around and looked at his raised hand. Liberty stared right into Hank’s eyes with a deadpan look and said, “You better kill me if you want to hit me. Otherwise, you can sleep with one eye open.” In the past, Liberty would endure Hank’s verbal and physical abuse.

It was all for the sake of the family, her son, and the love she had for her husband but Hank’s insistence on going halves was the last straw. Since Liberty used to work in the same company as Hank, she had a clear idea of Hank’s salary as manager. It was tens of thousands a month.

Yet, Hank only gave her three thousand bucks and not a penny more for the household expenses. To top it off, he was making her pay for her own share, so of course she was disappointed. Now that she had been let down, Liberty did not want to be a pushover who revolved around Hank anymore.

Hank better not sleep if he ever laid his hands on her again because she would go after him! Intimidated by the viciousness in Liberty’s eyes,Hank loosened his fists at his wife’s threat and lashed out,” You’re impossible.” He then took off. Liberty watched as the door shut.

She had a lump in her throat and tears that would not stop rolling down her cheeks. Although Serenity was in the dark about the new disagreement between Liberty and Hank, something did not sit right with her even after she got home. Sitting on the balcony swing, Serenity gazed at the starry sky and was lost in her thoughts.

Zachary brought Serenity a glass of water and said, “The food was salty tonight.Rinse your mouth with water.” Lifting her head to look at him, Serenity took the glass from him. “Thank you.” “Something on your mind?” Zachary took a seat next to her.

Serenity took a couple of sips and dwelled in silence before replying, “I get the feeling that my sister is having itrough every day.I thought everything would be better after I moved out, but with that kind of in-laws…My brother-in-law is partial toward his family anyway.

They’d probably gang up on my sister.” Liberty would not let anyone walk all over her, but the heart of the matter was that she loved Hank. She would give up a lot for love. “Mr.York, I’m lucky you don’t have a problematic sister.Your family is very cultured.

I could tell at the family event that your mom wasn’t too happy with me, but she still treated me with respects Your family is very nice, and Nana’s
the nicest of them all. “It’s said that marriage is a woman’s second chance at life.

All women dream about their happy-ever-after, but even fairy tales have bad endings.” Their marriage was not built on the foundation of love. Although Zachary asked her to sign an agreement, he gave her everything and more. At least, he gave Serenity the well-deserved respect as a wife.

Come to think of it, Zachary was way better than Hank. Of course, the couple had not been married for a long time. Serenity needed time to attest to Zachary’s character. Zachary fell silent before uttering, “You can let me know if Liberty’s unhappy.

We’ll stand up for her and let the Browns know that we have her back!” Picking on Liberty was equivalent to picking on and disrespecting him too.
The great Zachary York would never allow that to happen.

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