Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 54

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 54 –  Shawn said with a smile, “I don‘t know. I‘ll get your bike fixed.

promise to return a fully functioning bike to you.” Since Shawn was Jasmine‘s cousin and a friend for many years, Serenity knew she could trust him. “Thank you.” Happy to be of assistance to Serenity, Shawn dialed a number and made a call. Serenity heard him sharing their location.

The only thing next was to wait for the tow truck. “Sir.” The driver‘s keen eyes picked up on the sight of a familiar woman opposite the traffic lights. It appeared to be the missus judging by the build. While waiting at the traffic lights, he turned around and said to Mr.

Zachary who was resting his eyes. “Sir, the woman looks like the missus.” Zachary opened his eyes and turned toward the man and woman standing by
the road. He could not recognize the man, probably due to the distance, but the woman did seem like his wife.

After living under the same roof for a while, Zachary grew familiar with Serenity’s silhouette. “Slow down the car when you pass by. I need to be sure if it‘s her.” “Alright.” Zachary pulled out his phone with the intention to call Serenity but on second thought, held back that idea.

Soon, the traffic lights turned green. With Zachary‘s luxurious convoy taking the speed down a notch, Zachary was able to identify the woman to be his wife, Serenity. It only sprung to Zachary‘s mind who the man was as the convoy was driving away.

It was Shawn! His love rival! Were Serenity and Shawn together, to begin with? Or did they run into each other? Although Zachary had questions, he chose to keep quiet and not call Serenity. The convoy of luxury sedans cruised out of sight. Shawn stared at the receding convoy before turning to Serenity .

“Did you see those few cars there? One of the vehicles is Mr. York‘s exclusive ride.” It only came to Shawn after the convoy was gone. Serenity casually inquired, “Which Mr. York?” “The heir to the wealthiest York family. He’s also the CEO of York Corporation. He was at the dinner party, but you girls were too busy with the food to catch a glimpse of him.”

Shawn looked up to Zachary. “I don‘t belong to your circle. I was only at the dinner party as Jas‘s plus one. I had to try the food of a seven – star establishment. I doubt I‘d ever cross paths with Mr. York or the wealthiest in Wilt spoon. Why should I bother to catch a glimpse of him?” People were all over Mr. York that night. Serenity could not see his face even if she wanted to.

“Shawn, have you met Mr. York? Does he have eleven toes or two heads?” Shawn chuckled. “Mr. York is a normal man without eleven toes or two heads.
He does have an above–average look and that presence about him. I‘m flattered that he talked to me.”

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