Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 416

First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 416 – “It won’t make Nana any happier if it’s just her and me. Nana moans that I’m
not much of a talker. She prefers you.”

Serenity nonchalantly said, “We can take Nana for a vacation together.” Having gotten what he wanted, Zachary responded, “Sure.”
“There’s a resort in the western suburb. I’ll take you and Nana there tomorrow for some fresh air,” he added.

Liberty and Hank would begin the divorce proceedings the day after tomorrow, so as Liberty’s side of the family, they must be there to have her
back. Hence why Zachary only had a day to have a date with his wife.

The resort was one of the York’s‘ many estates, but it was a profit–making business that was open to the public. There was always a high influx of
vacationers, there for a getaway every year. “I heard the place is beautiful and fun.”

“I’ve never been there. I wonder what it’s like.” Serenity whipped out her phone to search for pictures of the resort. After looking at the pictures,
she began to look forward to tomorrow. Mr. York, who apparently had no appetite to eat alone, gobbled up Serenity’s packed lunch in mere minutes.

He wanted to wash the food container when Serenity stopped him. “I’ll do it. You’ve been working all morning. Get some rest. Your boss‘ office is cozy. Lie
down for a bit on his sofa. It’s better than crouching over your desk.” Her thoughtfulness gave Zachary warm tingles.

Feeling tired, Zachary slumped against the sofa and fell asleep while Serenity cleaned the lunchbox. Serenity returned to find Zachary asleep. Treading softly, she made her way toward him and quietly studied his sleeping face. The attractive man was still a heartthrob even when he was asleep.

Serenity put down the lunchbox and sat next to him to watch him sleep. This man was haughty and callous, refusing to waste his breath on her when
they first signed away their single lives. Zachary somehow started acting nice to her and sharing conversations as time went by.

Trust slowly built between them. It was said that spending time together was the recipe for bonding. Serenity believed in that.
She and Zachary might not have a super affectionate relationship, but things were a lot better than when they first started off.

At least now, he would care for her while she would show him concern. Since he was in dreamland, Serenity extended her arm to caress his face
while mumbling under her breath, “I remember the first time I touched your face. Your reaction as if I was a pervert was to die for.

Now I can feel you up however I want. Teehee.” By the chuckle, she appeared pretty smug. Zachary would challenge Serenity to slide her hand a little more downward if she had the balls. However, that was only if he was conscious.

Serenity’s retort would probably be that she had no balls since she was a girl. “Zachary.” Serenity leaned forward against. his ear, breathing a murmur, “We’re getting along just fine now. How about we consider being like this forever and not go down the divorce route?”

Alas, Zachary was too far off in slumber and to hear her. Otherwise, he would be over the moon. Had he known she had these thoughts, Zachary would not have sneaked around and stolen the contract to get rid of the evidence. “I’ll leave it until the end of the contract term.”

Serenity believed they had not spent enough time to make a lifelong commitment to each other. The written contract…
It dawned on Serenity where she placed the document….

The contract made no difference to Serenity as it was a marriage of convenience from the start. Thus, she did not put away the paperwork.
If she remembered correctly, Serenity left it on her dressing table.

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