Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 403

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 403 – Josh was waiting for Zachary at the entrance of the office building.
His pearly whites welcomed Zachary.

“I thought you weren’t coming to the office today.” Josh followed Zachary inside while the bodyguards stopped at the entrance of the office building.
“If I don’t come in and ask you to preside over the meeting,

you’ll just complain about how much you must’ve owed me in the past life that you’re enslaved by me now.”
“You’re quite self– aware and know that you’ve been enslaving me this whole time, huh?”

Zachary turned his head to look at him. “I’m just providing a stage for you to perform . If I didn’t, would you be able to get the
attention of your patriarch?” The younger generation of the Bucham family was not inferior to the York fam ily.

Josh stood out among the Bucham family’s younger generation mainly becau se of his capability, his friendship with Zachary,
and his position in the top ma nagement of York Corporation.

He was the most valued nephew of the Burcham family’s patriarch, so he had a very high status within the family.
Josh was not interested in becoming the next patriarch and was very close to the patriarch’s son.

The two of them wer e like biological brothers. Josh giggled. “You’re just training me to be your chief of intelligence. It just so happens that I love gossip,
and those private affairs you asked me to investi gate are all gossip– worthy news. If I’m ever short of money,

I can make a fortune by selling one o f your personal scoops to the paparazzi.” The two men entered the elevator together.
Zachary retorted, “You’ll only be short of money if you transfer all your property y to me. Otherwise, you’ll never lack money.”

Although Josh had a thing for gossip and drama, he was reliable and tight– lipped. Otherwise, Zachary would not be able to trust Josh to this extent.
Clive Stone tried to poach Josh countless times, but he failed to do so. So many people tried to get Josh drunk so Josh could spill the York family’s internal se crest, but they all failed too.

“You have so much money that you can’t possibly spend in your lifetime, yet y ou still want me to transfer mine to you?! By the way,
did you enjoy catching t he scandalous pair last night?” Since they were the only ones in the elevator, Josh asked about it openly.

“And why didn’t you ask me to help? I was dreaming about it all night!” For those who liked gossip, it was incredibly frustrating not to be able to watch the drama unfold. “It’s at the Stone Group’s hotel. You’ll just attract unnecessary attention if you go. You might even be in today’s headlines.”

Josh said reluctantly, “As if no one will recognize you if you go…” “I put on makeup.” Josh was lost for words. Well, he did not think of that.
“Was there a fight?” “Yup.” “Was it amusing?” Zachary glanced at him again. Seeing Josh’s eager face, he smiled and said,

“Yeah. My sister–in -law was really good at acting, and her fighting skills can compare to my Sere nifty’s.” “Wow, so she’s become YOUR Serenity, huh?”
Josh locked in on the keyword. “Otherwise, could she be yours?” Josh quickly said, “I wouldn’t dare make her mine.

Your wife is exceptional at fighting.” “She practiced kickboxing.” Josh sang her praises. “Wow, brawn and brains! Zack,
you definitely picked u p a treasure. Grandma May introduced such a good woman to you only because you’re her grandson.

Back then, you looked like the Grim Reaper in the o ffice every day when Grandma May nagged you about marrying Serenity.
“I’m also a capable man, but Grandma May didn’t think to introduce such a brawny and brainy. girl to me.

By the way, does Jasmine know how to fight?” Zachary looked at Josh speechlessly. Josh touched his nose embarrassedly and said,
“I’m suddenly looking forwar d to the blind. date with Ms. Sox.” “I’ll arrange for you two to meet this Saturday afternoon.

You can decide on th e location and. let me know once you’ve booked the place. Then I’ll get Serenity to inform Ms. Sox.”
“That’s the day after tomorrow! Zack, look at me now. Do I look good? Do I ha vet acne on my face? Is my beard too long?”

The elevator arrived at the top floor. Zachary waited for the elevator door to open and left without Josh, who was like a peacock ready
to spread its train of feathers. Josh hurriedly followed in his footsteps. “Mr. York, Mr. Burcham.”

Mr. Chaplin stood up and greeted the two bosses. Both of them nodded in response to Mr. Chaplin’s greeting. After entering Zachary’s office,
Zachary pointed to the door of his lounge and said, “I have a mirror in the lounge, so you can go in and take a look in the mirror.”

Josh pulled out his chair and sat in front of his desk. He smiled and said, “I’m still confident in how I look. Ms. Sox will fall in love with me at first sight.”
“Serenity sees me every day but still hasn’t fallen in love with me yet. Jasmin e Sox is her best friend, and they have similar preferences and temperaments.‘

Josh said, “Don’t rain on my parade! You’re a lousy matchmaker. You should praise Jasmine like no other.” “How could I describe her if she’s like no other?”
Josh opened his mouth but could not refute it. After a long while, he said, “Zac tongued. I really don’t know what to do with you.”

“Anyway, send someone to watch Hank Brown and his family, as well as Jessi in– law for a divorce. A scumbag will definitely do something before the divorce is .
“Don’t worry. I’ve always had someone watching them.” “Then what are you doing sitting here?” “There’s nothing else?”

Josh felt the news that he received was not enough to satisfy his thirst for gossip. Zachary wanted to pick him up and throw him out the window.
Seeing that Zachary stopped talking, Josh said with a smile, “Fine, let’s talk ab Trang chủ “I just had coffee.”

“Right… You’re a married man, so your wife can take care of you. You don’t ha Josh, who was used to being single, suddenly wanted to marry a woman he lik the life of a married man too. After the two were done talking shop, Josh left Zachary’s office. Zachary looked at the time.

He had a meeting scheduled in ten minutes, so he Duncan laughed heartily on the phone and asked his friend. “Zachary,
to what “I need to ask you for a favor.” “Is it about your sister–in– law? I hired her because of you the day she came for the interview,

so everyon also ostracized by her colleagues in the office. If you want me to take care of her ag As the CEO of Lewis & Co.,
Duncan was a well–respected figure in the company and knew everything that Liberty was going the.

He did not stand up for Liberty again for fear that she would have a harder Tim “How long is her probation?” “Three months.”
Zachary was lost for words.

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