Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 394

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 394 – Serenity turned around and rushed into the room.

Hank had already returned to his senses. He rushed forward and kicked Liberty, who was sitting on Jessica. Serenity was furious when she saw this as she
rushed in, so she kicked Hank She practiced kickboxing and dealt with Noah Hunt and the gangsters,

so she had the upper hand. When she kicked Hank with all her strength, Hank, who had just kicked Liberty, fell to the ground too.
“Liberty!” Serenity stepped forward to help her sister. Hank got up quickly to help Jessica. He pointed at Liberty and Serenity as he yelled angrily,

“Liberty, what the hell are you doing?!” Liberty beat up Jessica and was panting heavily. When she heard her husband‘s roar,
she was infuriated again. She yelled back, “Hank Brown! How could you do this to me?! Because of you,

quit my job and stayed home to take care of our family. I raised our son for you, yet you betrayed me to be with this batch! You asked me what the hell was I doing, huh? I was beating up this batch!” After that, she charged in again.

However, Hank stood in front of Jessica and pushed Liberty to prevent her from hitting Jessica again. He cursed at her. “Liberty, stop!
I don‘t love you anymore. I‘ve fallen out of love with you for a long time now. Just take a look in the mirror!

You look like a shrew! What‘s the use of being highly educated? Where are your manners?!” Liberty wanted to laugh in exasperation. Since she could not reach Jessica, she slapped Hank in the face. “I was forced to be a shrew because of you!

You‘re highly educated too, so why are you so shameless? She‘s also educated, but where are her morals?! Don‘t mention
being educated because you two are a disgrace to intellectuals!” Hank was slapped and instinctively wanted to retaliate,

but Serenity hurriedly pulled her sister away, so he missed. “Hank Brown! Don‘t you dare touch my sister!” Serenity glared at Hank.
“You wronged my sister and betrayed your marriage, yet you have the nerve to accuse my sister?! I told you before,

f you don‘t want to be with my sister anymore, you can ask her for a divorce. Don‘t do all these underhanded things behind her back!
“Do you really think my sister can‘t survive without you? Don‘t think so highly of yourself!

My sister is just getting out of her suffering by leaving a scumbag like you!” Hank was speechless from being reprimanded by Serenity, but he kept protecting
Jessica to prevent Serenity and Liberty from hurting Jessica again. “Hank Brown, you‘ve wronged me!”

Liberty suddenly slumped onto the ground and cried as she slammed her fists on the floor. “You said you‘d treat me well forever! You said we‘d grow
old together! A lifetime is a long time, but you‘ve already betrayed me. I‘m still young, yet you‘ve found a new love…

“You b*stared! Scumbag! *stole! You‘ve done me dirty…” Liberty‘s cries gave Jessica a sense of accomplishment. Even if Jessica was
beaten into a pulp, she still felt good. As for Hank, he did not show the slightest hint of guilt even when his wife accused him of cheating.

He said coldly, “Get out if you want to cry! This is a hotel, so don‘t disturb other guests. Since you‘ve already seen us together, I
won‘t hide it from you anymore. I told you that I don‘t love you anymore. I hate you! If it weren‘t for Sonny,

I would’ve divorced you a long time ago. “Now, I can no longer suffer or let the woman I love suffer just because of Sonny. Liberty,
let‘s get a divorce!” When Liberty heard Hank bringing up the divorce, she stopped crying and banging the ground.

She instantly jumped up, stepped forward, and stretched out his hand to hold Hank‘s arm tightly. In fact, Liberty wanted to grab his
collar, but this scumbag was half–naked, so there was no collar to grab. How great would it be if he was still wearing a shirt and tie?

That way, she could strangle him by pulling his tie. “Hank, you want to divorce me?! Are you abandoning your wife for this btch?!
We‘ve known each other for twelve years! How many years have you known her?

We dated for seven years and were married for three years. When did you get together with her?” Liberty kicked Jessica, who stumbled back.
“You shameless btch! Homewrecker!” Hank broke free from Liberty‘s grasp and pushed Liberty when he saw his sweetheart being kicked by his wife.

Liberty stepped back and fell to the ground. Serenity helped her sister up and was so livid she wanted to rush over to
beat up the scumbag and the b*tach. However, Liberty held her back.

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