Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 378

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 378 – Unfortunately, the handful of close friends he had were just as inexperienced as he was.

He could not ask Nana for a few tricks in private either. She would laugh at him. He thought of how he stubbornly said to Nana that he would not chase after his wife. Now, he was feeling his cheeks burn in embarrassment. However, he did not actually have to case after his wife.

Serenity was already his wife! “Thank you for your concern, Mr. York. I‘ll be mindful.” Serenity‘s dexterous hands were nimbly crafting a car.
“Mr. York, you take Mrs. Lane home first. Also, don‘t forget to take Snowball and the others with you.”

Zachary‘s expression tightened. “I won‘t take the three fur balls.” “Then let Mrs. Lane take them. The store‘s not busy now, so you two can‘t help me much here
anyway. Why not go home and let Mrs. Lane clean up her room?”

“You‘re chasing me away!” Serenity glanced up at him and then looked down again to continue working. She said in amusement, “Mr. York, I realized that
you‘re quite a sensitive person. I‘m telling the truth, not chasing you away.

Tell me. What can you do to help me by staying here?” Zachary tensed his face and did not speak. He did not know how to weave crafts.
If he helped her to sell books, she would say that his face was too stern and would scare the students away.

Zachary had to admit that he really could not help her here. ‘Why did Nana find me such a capable wise? I don‘t even have the chance to show off!!
Zachary grumbled about his nana in his heart. If Old Mrs. York was here, she would say,

“Serenity and you signed a six– month agreement and will divorce once the time is up anyway.” Zachary fell silent Was she really his nana?
Mrs. Lane quickly said, “Ms. Hunt, I only brought a few sets of clothes over.

There‘s nothing I need to unpack, so there‘s no rush to go back.” Since the two were unwilling to leave, Serenity did not say more.
Mrs. Lane hid behind a bookshelf in the corner and read a book so as not thobe the third wheel.

However, her ears were perked up as she listened carefully to the conversation between the young couple. If something went wrong, she could
step in to save the day. Zachary was arrogant, clumsy in speech, and had no skills in appealing to a girl.

Even if he realized that he cared for Serenity, he would not be able to express it to her with sweet words. Mrs. Lane felt it would be more practical to pray for
pigs to sprout wings and start flying, rather than counting on Zachary to sweet talk into making Serenity happy.

Zachary silently watched Serenity work. Serenity suddenly asked him, “Mr. York, your big boss is the heir of the York family. Is he married?”
Zachary‘s dark eyes flickered. He did not immediately answer and waited for her to continue.

“Everyone in Wilt spoon knows that Elisa likes your boss, and I‘ve given her a few tips on how to pursue him. Unexpectedly, she came over this morning
and said that she saw Mr. York wore a wedding band on the ring finger of his left hand.

“Since he‘s your company‘s CEO, do you have any insider information? Did Mr. York really get married?” Zachary looked at his bare fingers.
He only wore the ring when he was faced With Elisa. “

We don‘t have a definite answer to that either, but I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the meeting today. Although I sat at the very end of the table
and was far from the boss, I have excellent eyesight, so I did see him wear a ring on his left finger.”

Serenity looked‘ p at him, met his dark eyes, and asked nosily,” Do you know who his wife is?” Zachary shook his head. “No. Although I‘m one of the executives
of the company, I‘m not one of his trusted aides, so I‘m not privy to matters like that.”

After a pause, he added, “Someone asked Mr. Burcham about it upon hearing the news. Mr. Burcham is my boss‘s closest friend.
“However, Mr. Burcham didn‘t say who the boss‘s wife was either. He only said that the boss was indeed married and spoiled his wife very much.”

In the corner, Mrs. Lane wanted to burst out laughing. ‘Mr. Zachary, you sure know how to paint yourself in a good light.
‘It‘s as clear as day that you‘re lying to your wife, but you‘re saying that you spoil her…

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