Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 318

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 318 – Serenity was a fast eater.

She would finish her meal quickly and take over Liberty’s tasks so Liberty could eat. As for the in–laws, they were only concerned about filling their own bellies. They did not care about Liberty. It was as though Liberty would not feel hungry. “Mom, have some shrimp.”

Hank helped his mom to a few shrimps before saying to his sister, “Have some more, Chelsea. They’re all your favorites.”
Feasting on the crab, Chelsea uttered, “We didn’t get the Alaskan King Crabs this time. These crabs are tiny.

They don’t have much meat. I don’t get much taste out of them.” The disdain in her voice was apparent.Hank fell silent for a while before responding,
“I’ll take you out to a fancy hotel next time.” “Hotel food is expensive. Your money doesn’t grow on trees. Just wire me the cash next time.

I’ll buy the food for Liberty to cook.” Chelsea made it out as if she was doing her brother a favor. “Sounds good.” Since Hank only had to give a bit of money to Liberty for labor, he should leave the shopping to his sister. Of course, he would give his sister a lot more money to buy groceries.

His sister loved seafood, always demanding to eat that every time she visited. Seafood was expensive. Three hundred bucks would not cut it if he
were to pay his sister for the purchase. The Browns enjoyed dinner with gusto. Although the shrimps and crabs were tiny,

Liberty was a great cook. Truth be told, Liberty and her sister had magic hands to make every food taste good. The family soon finished dinner, wiping the plates of seafood clean. They left nothing for Liberty. Mrs. Brown put down her cutleries and contentedly wiped her mouth with a napkin.

She asked, “What is Liberty going to eat since we finished the food?” She then turned to Liberty and said, “Liberty, we accidentally finished the food. Cook yourself an egg or something later.” Without lifting her head, Liberty answered as if she was used to it, “Got it.”

Feeling full, Sonny kept his mouth close to any more food fed to him. Liberty coaxed him to have some more, but the little man covered his mouth,
refusing to eat another bite. “Are you full, Sonny?” Sonny rubbed his belly and replied innocently, Mama, I full.”

” Liberty stroked his belly with a tender smile. “I see. Sonny has had enough. Why don’t you play over there for a while? Mama is going to eat now.”
“Okay.” As Liberty rose to her feet, she told Hank, “Watch Sonny.”

Without a word, Hank approached and picked Sonny up so Sonny could enjoy playing with the toy in his arms. Chelsea cleared the dinner table and entered the kitchen right behind Liberty. Spotting the baking tray soaking in the sink, Chelsea got an idea of what was going on and feltsmug.

Well, that was what Liberty got for being arrogant. There was no food for her. Liberty deserved to starve to death. Still, Chelsea said, “Why aren’t there any more potatoes? Hank should’ve left some for you.” Chelsea put down the dirty dishes, intending to let Liberty wash them up.

On second thought, she decided to do it herself. Chelsea added. “But you’re fat. It won’t kill you to skip a meal. It’s time yo go on a diet.”
Ignoring Chelsea, Liberty washed her son’s plate before moving toward the stove.

She opened the oven and retrieved a plate of potatoes, a plate of shrimps and crabs, and a plate of greens.

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