Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 272

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 272 – There would be a change of senior executives every time the head of the company was replaced.

The new boss would want his own people around him. Following Mr. Stevens‘ explanation, Hank took an instant liking to Shawn.
Hank asked Mr. Stevens with a smile, “Are you close with Mr. Lowe? Can you introduce us?

Lowe Enterprise has a subsidiary company dealing with electronics. There are opportunities for us to work together, but we‘d need
someone to hook us up.” Waltham Electronics did business with the company Mr. Stevens was working in.

That was how Mr. Stevens came to know Shawn. Mr. Stevens smiled and replied, “Shawn seems to be getting weary from the
flattery. He‘ll soon find a spot to sit down. I‘ll hook you up and introduce you to him when he comes over.”

Hank beamed. Grateful to Mr. Stevens, he raised his glass and said, “To you, Mr. Stevens.” Mr. Stevens clinked glasses with Hank and took a couple of sips of wine before glancing at Jessica suggestively. He said to Hank, “Ms. Yates looks beautiful tonight. Mr. Brown, you‘re one lucky man.

“You landed yourself a highly–paid managerial role at quite a young age and have a beautiful lady by your side. Anybody would want to be in your position, Mr. Brown.” People like Hank who had an affair with their secretaries were not uncommon. It was an unspoken fact.

When it came to business engagements, men would only bring their wives as plus–ones if they had a loving relationship with their wives, and if their wives were up to the task. Otherwise, in most cases, the men would bring along their secretaries or mistresses.

This was the reason true heirs like Zachary and Clive would not attend such an event. They belonged to a circle where the attendees of status and power
would only bring along their wives to every social event. The wives of the rich and powerful had their own community that no mistress,

despite ousting the wife, could fit in. These influential and wealthy wives refused to be associated with a husband–stealer.
Hank happily looked at Jessica and responded in glee, “Ms. Yates is my right–hand woman. I can‘t do anything without her.”

With rosiness creeping up her cheeks, Jessica gracefully replied,” Mr. Stevens, you flatter me so. I might take your words seriously. I have nothing
on Scarlet.” Scarlet was Mr. Steven‘s lover and secretary. As Mr. Stevens would bring Scarlet along to business meetings at Waltham Electronics,

Jessica got to know Scarlet from there. The girls had a great friendship outside work. The woman also taught Jessica to lead Hank on so that Hank would fall harder for her. Jessica‘s chances of getting rid of Liberty and taking her place as Mrs. Brown would only be higher.

Mr. Stevens said with a smile, “You‘re all wonderful girls.” Shawn finally seized the chance to leave those people who were all over him.
Spotting Hank and Mr. Stevens hanging among the lesser crowd, Shawn made a beeline over. “Mr. Lowe.”

With Shawn approaching, Mr. Stevens got up and courteously greeted him. Shawn immediately replied, “Please, call me Shawn, Mr. Stevens.”
He was presently a measly employee at Lowe Enterprise. Mr. Stevens wasted no time switching to a more intimate name.

As Hank rose to his feet, Mr. Stevens introduced Hank to Shawn.

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