Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 253

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 253 – Josh was not surprised that Hank Brown was having an affair.

He said, “That sister–in–law of yours changed too much after getting married. After Hank Brown got his promotion, any of the women around him would
have been better. than your sister–in–law. Now that time has passed, he’ll naturally start to be repelled by her.”

Zachary’s gaze was cold, and so was his tone of voice. “Why did she change so much? Because she loved him and wasn’t afraid of her body changing.
She gave birth to a child for him, and after that, to let him focus on his work, she brought the kid up and took care of the whole household alone.

She gave up her youth and her beauty for him. He could also attest to her looking different before and after her marriage.
Liberty had. changed a lot. She should at least lose some weight. But that was not an excuse for Hank to have an affair.

Ruthlessness had long lurked within Hank, but it just had not had the chance to make its appearance before this. Now that he was doing well in his job, he was arrogant and started to look down on his wife, treating her with disgust.

If Hank really thought Liberty was too ugly in this state, he could have asked her to lose. some weight. Liberty still had some feelings for him. She surely would have worked hard to lose weight if had asked her to. Hank instead sought to oppress Liberty in every aspect of their marriage and lives together,

finding fault in her at every turn and even suggesting that they split their household expenses by halves. Did Hank not know that Liberty was not working at the moment and had no income to speak of? “That’s true.

A good, principled man wouldn’t have changed his heart even if his wife. became a two–hundred–pound fatty.”

A faithful man would not have had an affair because their wife became ugly or gained weight. When it came down to it, Hank was sick of Liberty.
It was possible he had deliberately made Liberty gain weight so he would have an excuse to be disgusted by her and have an affair.

“Make sure Hank Brown doesn’t find out about this.” “Relax! I’m the one handling it. Do you still not trust me to do the job well?
Unless my men want him to know, we’d have dug it all up to eighteen generations back in his family tree and he’d still have no clue about it,

” Josh said as a guarantee, “Zachary, this is a pretty good idea of yours. When you hand the evidence of Hank Brown’s affair over to your wife, she’ll definitely be grateful to you for it and then you guys can finally make up and be like how you were before.”

The corner of Zachary’s mouth spasmed. “Be like how we were before? When we first. got to know each other, I couldn’t even remember her name.”
Josh was speechless. Alright, that was not the right thing to say.

Having asked Josh to look into Hank Brown, Zachary passed the stack of documents he had dealt with and blandly said, “You can get off work now.”

“I want to, but I still have a business engagement to attend tonight.” Zachary was speechless. Right, he had to go to a business engagement too.
When Zachary discussed business others, it would usually either be in the company or in his presidential suite at Wilt spoon Hotel.

Fine. He did not have to go to the hotel to drink tonight. He could drink as much as he wanted at the business engagement.
Serenity gave some of the seafood Elisa had given her to her sister to bring home to eat. She gave some to Jasmine too.

Although Jasmine’s family did not lack good things and ate seafood every day, she happily accepted it because her good friend was giving it to her.
Just as Cullum York arrived to pick Grandma May up, Serenity lugged the biggest bag of seafood out.

When he saw his sister–in–law lugging a big bag with difficulty, he hurriedly got out of the car and rushed forward to take it from her.
“Serenity, this is so heavy. You could ask us to help carry it for you.” It would not do to tire out his sister–in–law.

“That’s right! I told you that you didn’t have to. Let Cullum do it, men like them are stronger.” Grandma May said.
She thought to herself, ‘Look at how Cullum is, he knows how to be considerate of others. It’s just that iceberg Zack who doesn’t know how to.

‘Sigh… How worrying.” Grandma May acknowledged to herself that this was worrying, but not a hint of it showed on her face. Her eldest grandson had provided her front seat tickets to a truly entertaining show, and she was enjoying it thoroughly. She was not exactly worried. That simply did not exist.

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