Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 241

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 241 – Mike hung up the phone, ignoring his aunt’s scolding.

He then let out a long sigh. He seriously felt he was unlucky because Serenity was unharmed even after he got help from so many people.
Mike also felt that Serenity had a backer, but he did not know who that was.

one of the mediators were willing to help Mike, which indicated that Serenity’s backer must be someone powerful in Wilt spoon.
Through their investigation, Mike also did not notice that Serenity and Liberty knew any influential figures.

Although Liberty’s husband was a manager in a large company, he was just an employee. Mike had no idea what kind of job Serenity’s husband had for a
living, but he found out from the townspeople that Serenity’s husband only drove a national car worth around one hundred and twenty thousand dollars.

Any of the Hunts‘ scooters was better than the car belonging to Serenity’s husband. This showed that Serenity’s husband was not doing so well.
If Mike were to guess who Serenity’s backer was, it would be Serenity’s best friend, Ms. Sox, who was born and raised in Wiltspoon.

The Saxes were rich, and Mike heard that her aunt married into an affluent family. Was that Sox girl helping Serenity?
Serenity thought her money–hungry relatives would definitely look for her since she called. the police to get Noah arrested.

Thus, she was mentally prepared. However, Serenity waited until noon and did not see any of her annoying relatives.
Grandma May invited Zachary for lunch over a call.

When Zachary received the call from his nana, he had already left the office in his exclusive car and was heading to Wilt spoon Hotel for lunch.

Josh drove his car behind Zachary’s because they agreed to have lunch together. “Nana.” Zachary answered his nana’s call.
Before she could speak, he asked in a low voice, “Did you get. the answer to the question that you were supposed to ask on my behalf?”

“What question? Was I supposed to ask someone something?” Grandma May could not recall. Zachary’s car screeched to a stop.
His expression remained unchanged, and he continued to talk to his nana. After a moment of silence, he said,

“I wanted you to ask Serenity what time she arrived home last night, but you didn’t give me an answer all morning.”
Jim turned his head to see his boss talking to the Old Mrs. He quickly grabbed the opportunity to tell Zachary,

“Mr. York, it’s Ms. Stone again.” Elisa Stone had waited at the entrance of York Corporation all morning so she could invite Zachary to a meal and give him a gift. This time, Elisa learned her lesson and did not use her car to block his car so it would not get damaged again.

Elisa blocked Zachary’s exclusive car with her body, so it would not affect other cars from entering or leaving. Zachary did not even look at Elisa who was outside the car. Grandma May laughed and said over the phone, “I totally forgot about this question! But never mind, you can ask her yourself later.

Are you off work? Come over for lunch now. I’m still in Serenity’s store. She’s busy at the moment, preparing a seafood feast in the kitchen.”
Zachary thought about his conflict with Serenity during this time. He had deleted her WhatsApp, and she blocked his number.

To be honest, Zachary had never had his number blocked since he owned his first mobile. phone and got a mobile phone number.
Serenity was the first person to block him. “I’m not going. Josh and I are going to our hotel for lunch.”

Zachary rejected Grandma May’s lunch invitation. He felt that having lunch at Serenity’s store would mean yielding to Serenity.
Although he thought that he was at fault and that they were at an impasse, Zachary found it difficult to concede.

As Grandma May would say, Zachary was as stubborn as a mule. “No! I already told Serenity that you’re coming over for lunch and asked her
to cook your share. If you don’t come, the extra food will be wasted. Hurry over to this seafood feast.

They’re fresh from the sea! That Elisa girl brought them back for Serenity.” Hearing this, Zachary frowned and asked coldly, “Why did she give Serenity
so much. seafood?” “Hehe, because of you. I’ll tell you a secret… Serenity is helping Elisa to pursue you. Haha! Zack, don’t you think it’s crazy?

This is the first time I’ve encountered such a situation!” Grandma May went outside the bookstore to talk to Zachary so Serenity and
Liberty would not overhear.

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