Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 231

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 231 – Old Mrs. York looked at her grandson, and her grandson looked at her.

Her lips moved several times to say something, but she did not speak. In the end, she burst into laughter. Zachary was exasperated as he watched his nana laugh uncontrollably. Old Mrs. York grinned and patted his shoulder.

Zachary had to hold his grandmother for fear that she would fall if she laughed too hard. After a while, she finally stopped laughing and said
“Zack, I was wrong about you. Serenity learned mixed martial arts, and her skill is quite good, so it’s no problem for her to handle a handful of punks.

“My suggestion to you next time is when you see her in trouble, regardless if she needs help or not. Just go up and save her.
In fact, it’s better if you get hurt while saving her. That way, she’ll feel guilty about it and will treat you exceptionally well.”

Zachary’s expression was gloomy, and his thin lips pursed tightly. “You need to know a few tricks if you want to chase after your wife.
Of course, the most important thing is your sincerity.” He said coldly, “Nana, I won’t chase after my wife.” “Fine fine fine, you won’t.

Just continue being stubborn. The day will come when you beg me for help, hehe.” TN Zachary’s expression was dark.
‘Is this really my nana? ‘Why do I feel like she’s just waiting to laugh at me? ‘It’s like she’s taking pleasure in my misfortune.’

ld Mrs. York’s driver had arrived. “Tm leaving now. You take your (me running. If you have no appetite for breakfast, learn from me.
My method is proven effective. I’m way more experienced than you.” She patted his shoulder again and walked to the car with a smile on her face.

She asked the driver, “Did Sam tell you to bring the packed breakfast?” “Yes, it’s in the car.” Old Mrs. York hummed in response.
Zachary opened the door for her and helped her get into the car. He saw the three insulated lunch boxes lying on the seat and he pursed his
lips without a word spoken.

Old Mrs. York left while Zachary stood and watched his grandmother leave. After a moment, he walked back.
The morning jog ended. Back at the villa, he changed his clothes and went downstairs to have breakfast.

Since Old Mrs. York told Sam to pack three servings of breakfast for her to take away, the breakfast that the kitchen prepared for Zachary was packed
away too. They quickly prepared another portion for Zachary, but it was not a rich spread due to the lack of time.

Zachary did not have much of an appetite, so he did not bicker with the kitchen staff about the breakfast.
He grabbed a bite or two and drank half a cup of coffee to improve his mentalstate, before leaving with his group of bodyguards.

The concrete road in front of the villa area was connected to a large expressway. It was a road the residents had to pass through.
Zachary’s motorcade traveled half of this road before it was forced to stop. There was a car stopped in the middle of the road ahead of them.

This was not a public road. The road was only wide enough for two cars to pass side to side if they drove very carefully.
Otherwise, it would be easy to collide. The stationary car happened to be in the middle of the road.

Thus, whether it was from the left or right, the cars behind it did not have enough space to pass by. Zachary’s driver honked.
The driver of the car in front climbed out from under the car and said loudly in embarrassment, “My car broke down.”

Zachary’s driver turned his head and said to Zachary, “Mr. Zachary, there’s a car in front that broke down.” No one knew what Zachary
was thinking. After he heard the driver’s words, he simply glanced at the car in front and said, “ You two get off and take a look.

If it’s repairable, then help him. If it takes too long, tell everyone to help push his car to the side, and then tell him to call for a tow truck.
Don’t block other people’s way.

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