Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 229

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 229 – Old Mrs. York was infuriated at her prandson’s behavior,

so much se she did not want to walk anymore, She sat down on stone bennah by the roadside, She spentso mueh ettort talking her grandson into agreeing to pet married, but. Zachary was silent for moment. He then came over and sat beside his nana.

He said cleanly, “Nana, you know that love can’t be forced. Laws raised by you, and you asked me to marry her to repay your kindness,
so 1 listened to you. “You promised me that you won’t interfere with our married fife. The day [got my marriage license with Serenity,

| told you that T have to examine her character and see if she’s worthy for me to spend the rest of my life with. Otherwise, we’ll end it in halfa year.
” Old Mrs. York said grumpily, “With your nasty temper, you wouldn’t admit it even if you fell in love with Serenity.”

Zachary was speechless. “Forget it, ’m not angry. | was wrong when I forced you to marry Serenity. You’re rapt. Love can’t be forced.
You can do whatever you want. As you said, you two married secretly, so not many people know that you’re husband and wife.

Even if you divorce, the damage to Serenity can be ldadinbaed.” She sighed. “1 Just hope that you won’t regret it. Don’t come me S—C
—“C*iSCSC“‘“‘#$UNNNNNNNNNCC’CNC‘SCN‘C‘(‘(’CN#K$#NCWNCWNCW VW lime and beg me to help you ta the future.”

Zachary pursed his lips tightly without saying a word. “Call the driver over for me. Pin leaving now. When [see you, it feels like Pim seeing your grandfather. Before he passed, he was worried about your marriage and feared that you would be a bachelor your whole life.”

Zachary thought, ‘I was still very young when Grandpa passed, alright? There was no need to worry about marriage at that age.’ Of course,
he was not old now either. He was only thirty. ‘Have breakfast before you go, Nana.” Regardless, Zachary was still filial to his nana.

He was brought up by his grandparents. After his grandfather passed, his nana suddenly became lonely. He spent a long time accompanying her before she overcame the pain of losing the love of her life. When she finally returned to her old yet youthful state, he was relieved and proceeded to take care of the company.

“T lost my appetite just by looking at your face. I’ll eat at Serenity’s shop. I’ll only regain my appetite when I see my granddaughter – in-law’s face.”
Zachary was not angry at being snubbed by his nana. He knew she adored Serenity, and not just because the latter saved her life.

Serenity’s character was very much to Nana’s liking. “T’ll tell Sam to pack breakfast for you to bring over and eat with Serenity.”
Old Mrs. York thought about it and agreed. She instructed her grandson, Tell Sam to pack more. Serenity has a good appetite.

That Jasmine girl is there too, With those two around, L think Lean clear oulan entire buffet.” Zachary thought of Serenity’s potential as a
glutton and asmile appeared in his eyes. He had to admit that he liked eating with her too. Every time he saw her eating with gusto,

he felt his appetite improve, and he would eat an extra serving. “Sure.” Zachary took out his phone and called Sam. He instructed him to pack three servings of breakfast and have Old Mrs. York’s driver brings them over as Nana would be going to Wilt spoon School.

Sam understood. ‘‘Nana, are you really not coming back with me for breakfast?” Zachary clarified with his grandmother even after instructing Sam to pack breakfast. “No. If 1 go with you, Serenity would have finished eating by the time I reach her store.”

She then immediately took out her phone and said, “I’ll tell her so she doesn’t buy breakfast herself.” Zachary watched silently as his grandmother called
Serenity. He also wanted to know what time she went home after giving her statement at the police station.

“Nana.” Serenity was awakened by the phone call, so her voice sounded a little groggy when she greeted Nana. The old woman could instantly tell that Serenity was still sleeping, and she laughed. “You’re not up yet? I thought you would’ve already woken up by now.”

n the past, Serenity would have gone to the market to buy food and returned by this time. “T went to bed late last night, so I slept in today.
Where are you now, Nana?” Serenity thought the old lady was coming over so she inquired.

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