Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 227

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 227 – When Serenity got home, it was already one in the morning.

The house was dark when she pushed the door open. Either Zachary did not come back, or he was in his room.
Serenity silently closed the door, locked it, and turned on the lights in the hall.

After a minute of silence, she went to Zachary’s room. She was just about to raise her hand to knock on the door before she
remembered that it was already late at night, and Nana had mentioned that Zachary would be furious if he was awakened
before his natural body clock woke him up.

She dismissed the idea of knocking on the door. So what if he was at home? They were having a cold war.
She finally turned around and went into her room. The night passed without a word.

The next morning, Serenity was catching up on her sleep because she went to bed too late last night. Zachary, who went back to
Regent Residences, woke up as usual. He changed into sportswear and prepared to go out fora morning run.

When he went downstairs, Sam told him, “Mr. Zachary, Old Mrs. York is here.” Zachary’s expression sank slightly at the words.
Without stopping his feet, he walked out of the main house at a steady pace and saw his nana stepping out of the car.

Although he did not like his nana’s sudden intrusion into his a life, he quickly walked over to help her. The old lady did not refuse his
thoughtfulness. Seeing his sportswear, she asked him, “Going for a morning run?” “Yeah.”

“Grandma will run a few laps with you.” Zachary frowned. “Nana, you’ re getting old.” “I’m still as healthy as a horse.” Zachary was helpless.
Since his grandmother insisted on running with him, he had to give in.

The pair walked out of the villa together and jogged on the cement track in the neighborhood.

Although the woman was old, she was in the pink of health. When she was at home, she sometimes worked in the fields together with the
workers. She was an old lady who never put on airs, and all the workers in York Manor adored her.

“You were living well in Brynfield. Why did you move back again?” In fact, Old Mrs. York came over because she received news that there was a problem between her eldest grandson and Serenity. However, she did not know what the problem was.

Cullum only mentioned that Zachary had been a bit distracted lately. She heard from Sam that Zachary moved back to the villa.
She was hoping that sparks would fly between the newlyweds and wanted them to become a real couple,

so she rushed over to see if she could mediate the young couple’s conflict. “I’m more used to living here.” This large villa was bought by
Zachary after he became an adult, and he had been living in it ever since. Apart from the old residence, this place was his second home.

As for the other villas under his name, he would stay there when there was a need. Most of the time, he would return to Regent Residences.
“Did you fight with Serenity?” The old lady asked her eldest grandson who was beside her as she slowed down to a walk.

Zachary said indifferently, “I’m aman of class. I won’t bicker with her.” He refused to admit that he had lost his manners that night and
forcibly kissed Serenity. Never in his dreams would he make such a vile move.

Thinking back on it now, he wanted to give himself a slap on the face. Where did his upbringing go? Where did his manners go? Was his
composure eaten by a dog?

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