Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 216

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 216 – When Hank heard that it was Mr. York, he was stunned and said, ‘No wonder
it was such a big commotion.

So, it was Mr. York. Oh, what a shame. If I had known that it was him, I would’ve squeezed to the front to get a glimpse of his handsome face.”
He heard that Mr. York was incredibly good-looking. The middle-aged man gave Hank a sidelong glance and laughed.

“You don’t look too shabby either, but compared to Mr. York, you can’t hold a candle to him.” Hank did not get angry either.
“How would I dare to compare myself with Mr. York? The only one who can compare to him is probably Mr. Stone.

I’m quite lucky to have encountered Mr. York today. I’ll buy a lottery ticket later and see if I can hit the jackpot.” The middle-aged
man was amused by Hank’s words. Jessica looked amazed. After the middle-aged man left,

she took Hank’s arm and walked to the hotel restaurant, saying, “Mr. York is a god-like figure in Wilt spoon.

I wonder what kind of man he is and the lucky lady to have his heart.” The York family was the richest family in Wilt spoon, and Mr. York was the head of
this generation. He was in charge of the massive York Corporation and even had his own private business.

He was definitely a highly desirable partner. Rumor had it that Mr. York still did not have a girlinena. There were not many rumors about women who adore’ on him either, perhaps because ordinary people could not ev see Mr. York in the flesh. Since no one could see him, no one would
be infatuated or fall in love with him.

Oh, there was one person who was completely smitten with Mr. York, and that was Elisa Stone, the darling daughter of the Stone family.
Elisa not only openly confessed to Mr. York, but also enthusiastically chased after him.

Jessica thought, WFP I had Elisa’s background and confidence, I would also chase after Mr. York.’ ( felt that Mr. York’s figure looked a little familiar earlier.
I just can’t figure out where I saw him before,” Hank voiced his thoughts. Jessica did not want to burst his bubble, but she had to tell him the truth.

She said, “There’s no way you’ve seen Mr. York before. York Corporation isn’t one of our clients. Even if they were, people on our level won’t be able to meet him. Besides, our company is a competitor toga branch company of York Corporation.” It was impossible for them to work together for the time being,

unless their company changed their industry and stopped competing with York Corporation’s branch company for business.
Hank knew that with his status, he could not even meet Mr. York’s administrative executive, Mr. Bucham, let alone Mr. mamas saa
cammmmammmmmaaaal York himself.

It was said even among the staff of York Corporation, not even those who had worked there for years had seen Mr. York’s true face.
“T just think that his figure looks a little familiar.” ‘Mr. York… Zachary York? ‘Isn’t Serenity’s husband’s last name York?’

However, Hank quickly dismissed the idea. When they first met, he asked Zachary what relationship the latter had with the York family,
but Zachary said that their families were relatives five hundred years ago. In other words, he had nothing to do with Mr. York.

Furthermore, Mr. York was the young master of the York family. How could he marry Serenity? Besides, Zachary drove a national MPV worth
only at most a hundred thirty thousand. It did not match Mr. York’s identity at all.

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