His And Her Marriage Chapter 94

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 94 – Snapping out of her reverie, Roxanne tamped down her feelings and went to them.

Estella was running a fever, but her eyes were sparkling adorably. She had brightened up considerably after spotting Roxanne and was staring at the
latter carnestly. Roxanne gave her a concerned look. In response, Estella reached out to ask Roxanne to hold her.

Seeing that, Roxanne glanced at Lucian instinctively. She’s sick, so why is she asking a stranger to hold her instead of staying with
her dad? What will Lucian think about her action? To her surprise, Lucian offered Estella to her calmly.

TS After a brief hesitation, Roxanne took Estella into her arms…The moment Roxanne touched the little girl, she could feel the heat emanating from the
small body. Estella felt like a heater in her arms. Without a second’s hesitation, Roxanne pressed her cheek to Estella’s to check the latter’s temperature.

The cooling sensation from her cheek caused Estella’s eyes to droop as she let out a soft sigh. “You’re running a high fever,” Roxanne commented as she hugged Estella closer. Softly, she asked, “Essie, do you feel uncomfortable?” Estella nodded silently.

As the little girl’s eyes were red from the fever, Roxanne felt her heart ache. Turning to Catalina, she asked, “Has she taken her medicine?”
Catalina regained her composure and nodded hastily. “Yes.” Carefully, she observed Roxanne and asked, “Mrs. Farwell, when did you return?”

Catalina had worked for the Farwell family for some time and used to serve Roxanne briefly when the latter married into the Farwell family. Back then,
she had a lot of respect for the younger woman. Hence, she was quite surprised to learn that Roxanne had left without saying goodbye.

I can’t believe Mrs. Farwell is back! Roxanne was taken aback to hear her greeting. Flashing a smile, she replied, “I’ve been back for some time. Please don’t address me that way. I left the Farwell family six years ago.” Realization struck Catalina as she lamented, “

You haven’t changed, so I thought… Forget it. I’ll take note of that next time.” Roxanne bobbed her head.
Catalina added, “Are you here to visit Ms. Estella?” Roxanne explained, “We bumped into each other at my patient’s house.

Iheard that Essie was sick and decided to come to pay her a visit.” earing that, Catalina felt a stab in her heart. “That’s good. Ms. Estella will
surely get better quickly if you keep her company,” she muttered under her breath.

Roxanne assumed Catalina was referring to the fact that she was a doctor and could treat Estella’s condition by taking care of her. Chuckling, she
inclined her head and promised, “Don’t worry. I’ll help out if Essie needs me.” Catalina was puzzled after hearing her reply.

Was Why is Ms. Jarvis acting all formal? Ms. Estella is her daughter. Isn’t it natural for her to take care of her sick daughter? Besides, Ms. Estella would feel
better if her mother were to stay by her side. Back then, it was Ms. Jarvis who treated my headaches.

I know she’s a great doctor, so she is definitely capable of treating Ms. Estella’s fever. A wave of regret hit Catalina when she recalled the times Roxanne was still around. Ms. Jarvis is pretty and smart. However, she never put on airs before us. She treated us as though we were part of her family.

She couldn’t help but compare Roxanne to Aubree. Ms. Pearson, however, often shows up here without informing anyone. When Mr. Farwell isn’t
around, she acts as though she’s the lady of the house and orders us around arrogantly. She never shows us any respect.

I don’t know what Mr. Farwell sees in her… Lucian fell into a daze temporarily when he heard how Catalina addressed Roxanne.
However, when Roxanne corrected Catalina, his feelings became complicated.

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